Domain deal: The Chinese method of investing

China‘s domain community is strong, having rolled out several waves and trends of investing: “Chinese” letter LLL and LLLL .com’s, numeric domain names, Pinyin, and more.

Using the Latin character set for most domain name investments is the norm in China, but what exactly do China’s investors learn from those that succeeded?

A quick translation of the content presented at reveals just that; it’s an interesting insight of China’s domain investing approach.

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Internet Domain Names and Corporate Branding Strategies

Wang Senli

Guidance: The role of enterprise business name domain name:

1: Facade project – You find that the business card given to you by the other party is printed on the business name (enterprise name) domain name of their enterprise. Can be trusted.

2: If the company’s business name is a popular business name (there are many companies with the same name in the country), and they can use this domain name, it proves that their strength is good, because they have advanced awareness and can cooperate.

3: Enterprise business domain name is like a car. It is the same car, but the face is different when you drive it out, such as BMW and tens of thousands of branded cars. Compared with the creative domain name that others can’t understand (only oneself can understand the meaning), the difference between the two, as long as the person who understands it, can understand it at a glance. Many customers are inconvenient to explain it clearly, but the creative domain name is lost. is the real order.

Now many companies say that the website has no effect. This problem lies in the domain name of the website, especially now that there are websites everywhere. If you use your own creative domain name, it is actually harder than finding a needle in a haystack for others to think of and find this website. Your website system and content are well done. The best is useless. How can a website that no one visit be effective? Unless you use thousands of times more than the value of the domain name to promote and promote the effect, the Internet industry is called “burning .COM”. In reality, it is “I checked the sesame and lost the watermelon”. If this business domain name belongs to you, customers will easily remember it, and it will also bring long-term brand benefits.

In recent years, Internet applications have developed rapidly in China, and the number of Internet users has ranked second in the world. But how does a company organically combine its network domain name with its corporate brand?

We all know that the value of a successful brand is huge and the infinite wealth of an enterprise. Brand is a kind of culture, it is invisible but can be really felt. We also know that it is very difficult to build a well-known brand, requires a lot of advertising expenses, and requires high-quality marketers.

How much advertising costs can be saved by a business brand domain name? How much economic and brand benefits can it bring to the enterprise? It is clear from practice. Regrettably, some companies are willing to spend a lot of money on advertising with short-term benefits in other media, but neglect to use only a few tenths of other advertising costs, or even a mere 1% of the cost to seek to gain energy. It can be seen that the concept is still very lagging behind.

The international top-level domain name is most easily known and remembered by netizens because of its popularity and expression. In this sense, it should be the best carrier of corporate network brand. The simplest and best domain name that can reflect the corporate brand on the Internet and can be naturally accepted by domestic consumers is the company’s own trade name (name) or trademark domain name (according to the actual situation, there are English and pinyin).

After China’s entry into the WTO, all enterprises are formulating brand strategies to seize the commanding heights of the market, but many companies regret that they cannot obtain the same online brand as the corporate brand and business name (name). Brand, after entering the corresponding URL on the Internet, if it is not your company’s website, it will have a great impact on the completion of the brand strategy. At present, most of these situations occur on the international top-level domain name .COM.

The domain name is the link between the enterprise and the Internet. It has an important identification function like a trade name and a trademark. It is the “key” for visitors to access the enterprise website. double effect. Domain name plays an important role for enterprises to carry out e-commerce. A good domain name will greatly increase the popularity of enterprises on the Internet. Therefore, it is very important for enterprises to choose a good domain name.

When choosing a domain name, an enterprise must first have a basic principle.

Domain names must have a certain connotation and meaning

Using words or phrases with certain meanings and connotations as domain names not only has good memorability, but also helps to achieve the marketing goals of enterprises. For example, the company’s name, product name, brand name, etc. are all good choices, so that the company’s network marketing goals and corporate brand strategy can be agreed.

Tips for choosing a domain name

1. Use the Chinese pinyin of the enterprise name as the domain name: This is a better way to select the domain name for the enterprise. In fact, most domestic enterprises select the domain name in this way. For example: Haier Group Such a domain name helps to increase the visibility of a company’s online brand. Even if the company does not make any publicity, the domain name of its site is easy to be thought of.

2. Use the corresponding English name of the enterprise name as the domain name: This is also a way for many domestic enterprises to select domain names. Such domain names are especially suitable for some industries related to computers, networks and communications. For example: China Telecom, China Mobile, etc.

There are other ways to choose, such as abbreviations, abbreviations, combination of Chinese and English (pinyin and English phrases), etc., which will cause adverse effects on the corporate brand, and are not recommended here.
However, domestic and foreign enterprises with the same name and trademarks with the same name in different categories are relatively common. There are only four domain name suffixes suitable for enterprises to use, including domestic top-level domain names in China, namely (not yet emerging in China) and .cn . There are many others, which are generally not suitable for ordinary enterprises. There is only one type of .com that actually reflects the brand value, and there are two types of .cn and used in China.

Such as Jiwei, the best domain name is, but there is only one domain name, how should the company with the same name do it? Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing Jiwei, etc. There is no way but to add regional information:,,,, etc., but incompetence can’t compare with, for example, there are several people named Zhang San in your street , One of them knew how to protect his right to name and registered “Zhang San” first, and under the premise of only one name, the other Zhang San could only use Zhang San on the first, Zhang San on the second, Zhang San in the east, and Zhang San in the west. Therefore, the protection of trade names and trademark domain names is very important to the corporate brand strategy.

Domain name resources are a kind of scarce resources. At present, many domestic enterprises lack the awareness of protecting their brands on the Internet. The era when wine is not afraid of deep alleys has long passed. The seriousness and urgency of creating and protecting online brands should cause social problems And the company attaches great importance to it. Powerful enterprises should register them in an all-round way with multiple suffixes such as .COM .NET .COM.CN .CN, etc., and use .COM as the main domain name for publicity, and other suffix domain names should point to the same site for protection. Some companies think that if there is no .COM domain name, it is the same as long as any other suffix domain name is used. This is not advisable. It will cause great damage to the implementation of the brand strategy. , The owner of the same name .COM business will generate greater benefits, on the contrary, the less likely it will be recovered. If it is obtained by a competitor, the loss cannot be calculated with money, and the end result is to help others make wedding dresses. Completing the brand strategy as soon as possible will have a great effect on the benign expansion of the enterprise.

Attachment: Enterprise Domain Name Rating (.com is for reference only)

1: The full name of the trade name and trademark. Such as: Shuyi Company Senlan Company and so on.
2: Industry name, such as: recycling restaurant and so on.
3. The name and identification of the company’s existing intellectual property rights and the abbreviation that has been formed by the public. Such as: qq, cctv and so on.
4: Add a regional logo before the full name of the trade name or trademark, such as:,, etc.
5: Others, such as adding regional abbreviations (such as: Beijing Guangming bjgm, Shanghai Guangming shgm, etc.), Chinese-English combination (pinyin and English phrase combination), digital mixing, etc. This category can only be selected under no way, because it has no brand value, it is only used for ordinary URLs.

Classification of domain names:

International generic top-level domains (gTLDs)

  • .com for commercial institutions or companies
  • .net is suitable for institutions or companies engaged in Internet-related network services
  • .org for non-profit organizations and groups
  • .info information service agency
  • .Biz Business Organization
  • .name is only open to individuals China domestic domain name (ccTLD)
  • commercial organization or company
  • An institution or company engaged in Internet-related network services
  • non-profit organizations, groups
  • Government agencies
  • .cn China national top-level domain name (generic)
  • .tw Taiwan
  • .hk Hong Kong
  • .mo Macau

Others (ccTLDs) such as .us United States .jp Japan .cc Cocos Islands .sh St. Helena .tv Tuvalu and other country-specific domain names.

ICANN, the governing body of the domain name:

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a non-profit international organization responsible for the spatial allocation of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, the assignment of protocol identifiers, and the assignment of generic top-level domains (gTLDs). ) and the management of the country and territory top-level domain name (ccTLD) system, and the management of the root server system.

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