Unreported sales : BTC.co and Bit.com in the hands of Chinese #domain investors

Yue Dai – 2L.com

Domain sales are shaped like an iceberg, with only 10% of it visible to outsiders. Here comes the previously unreported sale of BTC.co, a cryptocurrency domain in the possession of legendary Chinese domain investor, Yue Dai (Dai Yue.)

In this exciting statement, Yue Dai not only shared that he owns BTC.co, but that the domain Bit.com recently changed hands:

China’s blockchain giant, Bitmain, acquired BTC.com in 2014
One of the best Bitcoin domain names (I bought BTC. Co, currently on sale)
They recently acquired the domain name Bit.com to create a derivatives exchange for digital currencies.

Who sells this domain name? Does anyone know how much it cost?
I guess it should be more than $5 million.

Can you guess the transaction price of Bit.com?
In addition, which domain name do you think is more valuable, btc.com or bit.com?
My domain BlockBank.com is for sale!

The last recorded sale of Bit.com took place in 2014, when it was sold by Future Media Architects for a reported $300,000 dollars. Source: NameBio.

Since the early 2010s, Chinese domain investors have been actively acquiring premium domain name assets, including two letter .com domains.

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