: Should the #Chinese #domain investors buy out #Greece?

Greece has welcomed Chinese investors in recent years, through the provision of the golden visa program.

Investing in premium real estate lots in Greece ensured extended stay and travel across Europe. Many affluent investors from China enjoy this privileged lifestyle on Greek shores.

Now, it might be time to sell the premium domain, that matches Greece’s national ccTLD, dot .GR. Domainers from China go gaga about two letter (LL .com) domain names.

The two letter domain, should probably appeal to Chinese domain investors for an additional reason: existing traffic.

There seem to be about 17,000 domain names under, that are essentially subdomains leased out to Greek companies. Some are being used as a forward to the matching .GR domain, but many appear to be fully developed.

The registry launched in 2011, at a time when registering .GR domains was still a manual process. was the nineteenth domain extension combining a country code with the .COM suffix – operated by CentralNic.

At its peak point, the registrations reached approximately 50,000 domains. Now, is available to acquire, for a price in the seven figures.

There is a note saying “certain conditions apply” which we’d assume it’d involve the grandfathering of existing domains. The domain is appraised at $2 million dollars by Estibot.

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