Did the #domain 360.com really sell for $1,175 dollars at #Sedo ?


Numeric domains are the holy grail of Chinese domain investors; among them, certain numbers are globally recognized.

The number “360” is one of these special numbers, signifying a circle in degrees, or metaphorically, a full vision or perception of an object or activity.

We already know that the matching .com domain, 360.com, sold for a staggering $17 million dollars in 2015, but there is something bizarre with its official reporting.

NameBio lists 360.com with a sales date of January 23, 2011 and a shockingly low price of $1,175 dollars.

We don’t believe this is a real sale, as no ownership change occurred in the WHOIS information during that time.

Perhaps it’s a glitch?

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2 Responses to “Did the #domain 360.com really sell for $1,175 dollars at #Sedo ?”
  1. Michael says:

    Removed, thanks for the heads up… slow news day I guess.

    That was way before my time at NameBio so I’m not sure where that record came from. Sedo sometimes makes typos in their feed, so it could have been another extension mistakenly put in as .com or a mistake on the price. It’s also possible that it was dummy data put in by the previous owner to see who was scraping.

    Regardless, it’s either incorrect or a fluke, like that time someone put up a bunch of LLL.com on Sedo for $xxx BIN a while back when they were selling for mid-high $x,xxx. So in my view it doesn’t belong in the database.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Michael – Thanks for fixing it. I wonder how many times this price popped up at the Domain Game! 😀

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