2020.com : The perfect #domain for next year!

It’s Christmas Eve and someone is getting very excited for their present: 2020.com.

The domain was registered in early 1995, at a time when .com registrations were still free. After 25 years, 2020.com is in the possession of Dr. Joseph DiGirolamo, which makes sense: 20/20 is a reference to vision metrics, or having a perfect vision.

We aren’t sure how many type in “2020.com” to get vision results, but the domain’s registrant knows better, as 2020.com forwards to Dr. DiGirolamo’s book on Amazon: “The Big Book of Family Eye Care: A Contemporary Reference for Vision and Eye Care.”

How long has this forwarding of 2020.com to an Amazon book been happening? Since at least 2012, according to DomainTools and its Screenshots.com service. Dr. Joseph DiGirolamo, an optician doctor, published his book in 2011.

The book’s reviews are all positive, and one of them states the redirect from the domain 2020.com:

” 2020.com redirected me here. I’m sure this is a great book but i still wonder why i got redirected here “

There are no records of a sale for 2020.com so we had to use DomainTools.com and its historic WHOIS records, to see who owned it way back in 1995. Was it Dr. Joseph DiGirolamo?

2020.com – a domain with a perfect vision – Photo by ŞULE MAKAROĞLU on Unsplash

The oldest WHOIS record is from 2000, and it’s listing 2020 Optometry and Dr. Joseph DiGirolamo as the registrant. It’s quite possible that indeed, he is the original registrant of the domain 2020.com, way back in 1995! He also registered and used the domain EyeCareBook.com at the same time, but the content is no longer available.

So how much is 2020.com worth?

Namebio lists more than 1,000 domain sales of numeric .com domains from the NNNN .com category. Of these, 0123.com sold for the highest amount in 2016: $252,500 on Flippa.

The highest NNNN .com sale in 2019 has been that of 6500.com for $120,000 dollars – a sale brokered by Guta.com. The highest sale for a 2NNN .com year was that of 2007.com that sold for $45,000 dollars via Uniregistry, in 2015. It’s followed by the sale of 2021.com – a year that’s coming up soon – for $43,000 dollars by BQDN.

Going back to 2020.com, here are some other significant events related to “2020” as a year number:

  • 2020 is an Olympic year, with Tokyo hosting the summer games. They would love to have this short, numeric, representative name.
  • 2020 is an election year in the United States. Undoubtedly it will be a battle to the end.
  • 2020 will mark the end of a decade, and if you are fortunate enough to have grandparents that were alive in the Roaring 20s, they can tell you how miserable the Internet and cell service was back then, but everyone danced and partied their shoes off.

Hope y’all have a Merry Christmas and a great 2020!

Kudos for the story: Dale G.

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