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Owner of 2020.com #domain name moved on with #MotorOptics as a new brand

Oh, what a year has 2020 been. We had such great expectations late last year, pointing out how the domain name 2020.com would be a spectacular representation of a “20/20 vision” message. At the time, its optometrist registrant Dr. Joe DiGirolamo was pointing it to his book on Amazon β€œThe Big Book of Family Eye […]

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2020.com : The perfect #domain for next year!

It’s Christmas Eve and someone is getting very excited for their present: 2020.com. The domain was registered in early 1995, at a time when .com registrations were still free. After 25 years, 2020.com is in the possession of Dr. Joseph DiGirolamo, which makes sense: 20/20 is a reference to vision metrics, or having a perfect […]

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