Great things happen to domain investors who persevered!

Yesterday, we shared a post showcasing the 20 most influential people in the domain industry, as determined in 2007.

The list contained an unknown hero, you. The average Joe Domainer who faces challenges and difficulties on a daily basis, with no promises about a substantial return on their investments.

But worry not, for given time and patience, great things happen to domainers who persevere!

A friend of the blog shared some great news that I’d like to share.

“Hey Theo, long time.

Here’s a thing, a guy that got involved in domains some 12 yrs ago and learned all of his knowledge from sites and knowledge bases like yours and of course studying the type of sales Mike Mann has historically had, has steered me to my biggest sale to date.

A domain I purchased some 8 yrs ago for £600 – a far greater sum than I typically pay – just sold through Afternic for $48000.”

To hear such great news of success elates me and it serves as proof of concept about the exciting industry we are in. I’m happy for my friend as I’d be for “Joe Domainer” – you.

So keep on working hard on those domains, trusting your gut feeling because a life-changing sale could be just around the corner.

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