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Numeric #domains: 0699.com closed at five figures

Short numeric domain names are sought after, especially by Chinese investors. The Chinese like to use numbers representing letters or words even and a four number (NNNN) .com domain such as 0699.com can fetch a pretty dollar. Indeed, the auction at DropCatch attracted several bidders with DropCatch user “DefendOr6” scoring the top bid: $38,549 dollars. […]

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Domain King’s sale of 6500.com is just one NNNN .com #domain out of 15

The Domain King announced the sale of his premium numeric domain, 6500.com, late last month. News of the $120,000 dollar sale was shared by Rick Schwartz, who said in part: “The majority of my domains have been sold by brokers that I didn’t hire but contacted me when they had a client!“ The sale was […]

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Elequa domains : NNNN .com and LLLL .com domain list at FMA

Last month we covered the select domain portfolio of NNNN .net domains owned by Future Media Architects. The company manages the domains of popular domain investor Elequa, who has been liquidating LLL .com and NNNN .com domains with the help of Chinese domain brokers. Many domain investors are curious to know what type of gems […]

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