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#NNNNN : More than 2,000 five number .com #domains auctioned on a #Chinese platform

If you are after numeric domain names that are affordable, forget the four digit range: Five digit .com domains (NNNNN .com’s) are the next best thing.

Chinese auction platform, 4CN, announced that they are auctioning off more than 2,000 NNNNN .com domains.

Here’s what the announcement looks like:

2,169 great 5 number .COM domains are on 4.cn Theme Auction, with relatively low reserve price, starting to close on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, at 7AM EDT (7PM Beijing time, UTC/GMT + 8:00).

There are as many as 2,169 domains so the auction will last until April 22, 2020. There will be 250 domains ending every day, from Monday to Thursday. There should be at least one domain you may want to bid for.

Prices are listed both in CNY and USD. It’s not clear if this massive domain portfolio of domain names belongs to a single seller or many sellers.

To view the list click here. Many thanks to Dale G. for the tip.

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3 Responses to “#NNNNN : More than 2,000 five number .com #domains auctioned on a #Chinese platform”
  1. BullS says:

    I won’t dare to put my personal info on that 4cn platform…too risky.

    Something fishy about those domains.

  2. Data Glasses says:

    That’s clazy!

  3. corey says:

    for the ones with repating numbers the prices seem decent however the random ones not so much

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