Joint ventures : #XYZ and #GoDaddy to give away bidder identification #domains

GoDaddy and XYZ are joining forces; the newly announced allocation of unique bidder identification numbers is a ground-breaking improvement at the biggest domain registrar in the world.

Using the blockchain to manage user numbers for GoDaddy auctions will utilize the XYZ Registry‘s unique technology.

XYZ founder, Daniel Negari, explained the process:

“We are delighted to work with GoDaddy on a blockchain project that is ‘off the chain’ and sooooo cool, I can’t begin to tell you how stoked I am! Man oh man! Millions of GoDaddy users will now get a free matching .XYZ domain to participate in auctions for months and years, until Satoshi shows up!”

Negari’s enthusiastic tweet matched the announcement from Paul Nicks of GoDaddy, who said on the company’s blog:

“We are excited. Big things are coming at GoDaddy Auctions. People asked for transparency, and they get that PLUS a free .XYZ domain. So cool.”

The combination of a NNNNNNNNNN .XYZ domain with a unique number at GoDaddy auctions shows just how serious the company is getting; in recent years, GoDaddy dropped the T&A approach to domain investing, promoting equality and anti-sexism.

GoDaddy is rolling out its new feature tomorrow, so make sure you ask for your free NNNNNNNNNN .XYZ domain and new id number. You can then link it to your domain portfolio, own auctions, or a picture of your cat.

New numeric XYZ domains as GoDaddy auction ids – Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash

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