GoDaddy NameFind auctions: Game over!

Late last year, GoDaddy listed a good chunk of its NameFind portfolio for sale, in an extended auction event that spanned the better part of December. The GoDaddy Auctions involving previously expensive or unavailable NameFind domains did well: Domains were bid on and some were eventually cherry-picked after the end of the auction. On December […]

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Rick Schwartz grabs as a fresh acquisition

Rick Schwartz, the Domain King, knows how to spot a quality domain; is now his latest acquisition. Rick grabbed, the plural of “fool”, from the NameFind inventory of auctioned domain names. Registered in 1998, was part of the Vertical Axis portfolio acquired by GoDaddy for up to $50 million dollars, along with […]

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The owner of the aged three letter domain scored a big sale today, as the single word LLL .com sold for $140,111 dollars. The auction took place at GoDaddy Auctions. Registered in 2003, the domain has an actual meaning, that of king and a reference to a person that is wise, bold, and […]

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GoDaddy auctions: A “fundamentally flawed” domain bidding platform

Scammers continue to abuse the GoDaddy auctions system by taking advantage of its flawed policies on non-paying bidders. Tens of thousands of dollars in revenue  are effectively lost daily, as an apparently organized and persistent ring of unscrupulous bidders gang up on legitimate GoDaddy bidders. Time and again, the non-paying winner and their accomplishes “force” […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Domain did not sell for $167k after all

The organization Midwives Alliance of North America has renewed its expired domain name, Which means that the much-publicized auction that closed at $167,000 dollars is not a completed sale, as no-one stepped up to the plate to pay GoDaddy. Reports of such a sale are expected to issue corrections. The domain name now […]

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GoDaddy auction bidders: Prepare(.com) to waste your time

Expired domain auctions at GoDaddy come with a fair warning for the winner: You might end up not getting the domain. Even after the auction finishes, as long as the registrant renews within the time frame that ICANN mandates, money and time is lost for the auction’s winner. Although the amount paid is refunded, that […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Expired domain now at GoDaddy auctions

The domain name wasn’t renewed in December and it’s now being bid on at GoDaddy auctions, with bids above $41,000 dollars currently. Registered in 1996, this premium domain name was once presented by its registrant as not for sale. In fact, its registration email was “” Of course, the domain’s lander was a pitch […]

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GoDaddy wars: Is the HugeDomains bot unbeatable?

HugeDomains has a strong presence on the GoDaddy auctions and it’s overwhelming domain investors. Not unlike the infamous Taryn bot that dominated NameJet auctions on behalf of Frank Schilling, the HugeDomains bot captures many domains for its master. But it seems that the HugeDomains bot is far more competitive; while Taryn would pull out when […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Sold in auction, aged #domain gets hit with a #UDRP

The domain was auctioned off in 2020 as an expired domain. Registered in 2009, the domain was picked up by the operator of two similar domains, and According to NameBio, the GoDaddy auction closed at $1,751 dollars. Cloudfm Group Limited, United Kingdom filed a UDRP to get the domain, based on a […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. A great #domain is available for $50 dollars on GoDaddy!

If you have $50 dollars you can buy the domain right now. This AMAZING opportunity is too good to be true, right? After all, a country .com domain should cost at least six figures to acquire. With you won’t be breaking the bank, but you may break your head by hitting it against […]

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Visit Lorain County #domain lost via #GoDaddy auctions

Visit Lorain County, a web site operated by Lorain County in Ohio, channeled most of its tourist traffic through the domain Someone responsible for renewing the domain name didn’t pay the bill, however, and the domain ended up at the expired auctions at GoDaddy. A high traffic geo-domain such as ended up selling […]

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Domain Name Advisor: Five great #domains to bid on at #GoDaddy auctions!

Bidding on GoDaddy auctions? That means you’re looking for great domain deals, and Domain Name Advisor just listed five great domains. The 7-day auctions are already underway for the following domain names, so click on these sponsored links below to check out their stats and current price at GoDaddy: Domain Name Advisor, operating from the […]

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