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Warren refuses to sell his premium LLL .com #domain name

When you acquire a three letter .com domain, the excitement can be overwhelming. Many domain investors bought and sold dozens, if not hundreds of LLL .com domains, holding them for short or longer periods of time. Most end-user buyers, however, whether individuals or companies, end up owning one three letter .com domain, sometimes an acronym […]

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No se vende : “Not for sale” #domain name is available to purchase

Everything is for sale, for the right price – including domain names that are “not for sale.” How is this even possible, you might ask. This is the funny case of NoSeVende.com, a domain name registered in 2012. “No se vende” means “not for sale” in Spanish, and yet, HugeDomains wants a sizable chunk for […]

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CH .net : Two letter #domain owner makes it clear about its “for sale” status

Most domain owners that possess short domains might want to sell at some point. Advertising that a domain is for sale, sometimes with a cutoff asking price, is rather common. Using the services of third party domain name venues, such as Uniregistry Market, or Sedo, is one such method of giving your “for sale” domain […]

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