CH .net : Two letter #domain owner makes it clear about its “for sale” status

Most domain owners that possess short domains might want to sell at some point.

Advertising that a domain is for sale, sometimes with a cutoff asking price, is rather common. Using the services of third party domain name venues, such as Uniregistry Market, or Sedo, is one such method of giving your “for sale” domain exposure.

Then again, there are domain owners that don’t want to sell their assets, at any price.

Not everyone who isn’t selling emphasizes that very fact though, but in the case of the domain that’s quite obvious:

“Not for sale is not for sale.

Please do not contact me in this matter, I will not answer any such mails. “

The Swiss registrant obviously uses the domain, perhaps for email or DNS services.

By listing his intention on a web page he basically turns away potential suitors.

After all, .CH is the national ccTLD of Switzerland and as a valuable two letter .net domain it should be attracting a lot of offers.

Registered in 1994, was developed until a few years ago, according to captures.

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