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Warren refuses to sell his premium LLL .com #domain name

When you acquire a three letter .com domain, the excitement can be overwhelming.

Many domain investors bought and sold dozens, if not hundreds of LLL .com domains, holding them for short or longer periods of time.

Most end-user buyers, however, whether individuals or companies, end up owning one three letter .com domain, sometimes an acronym of their business.

In the case of iaw.com, a three letter domain that recently sold at Sedo for $20,501 dollars, its owner makes it clear that it’s not for sale.

The web site at iaw.com says: “I Am Warren” and “This domain name is not for sale.”

iaw.com is not for sale, says Warren.

Whether this is to protect this valuable, 1995 registration of a domain from a barrage of inquiries, or to safe-keep it from potential suitors, it’s a good idea to develop LLL .com domains and never ever park them with PPC ads!

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One Response to “Warren refuses to sell his premium LLL .com #domain name”
  1. @domains says:

    Great buy for $20k

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