GoDaddy wars: Is the HugeDomains bot unbeatable?

HugeDomains has a strong presence on the GoDaddy auctions and it’s overwhelming domain investors.

Not unlike the infamous Taryn bot that dominated NameJet auctions on behalf of Frank Schilling, the HugeDomains bot captures many domains for its master.

But it seems that the HugeDomains bot is far more competitive; while Taryn would pull out when it sensed it’s being led on by participating bidders, the HugeDomains bot keeps hammering.

Domain investor and data specialist, Jamie Zoch, made it clear in a recent tweet:

What is the magic poison to feed the HugeDomains bidding bot via GoDaddy Auctions? I’m tried of losing all the auctions I bid on to it!

Indeed, Jamie is tired of losing auctions that would have gone for far, far less money if the HugeDomains bot were not part of this. GoDaddy auctions that would have easily ended at two figures jump into low three figures, or higher. Said Jamie:

They bid $10, I outbid to $15 (with a proxy), they slapped $294 prior to the 5 minute mark. I won for $299. Hand reg type domain which was purchased for data, not resale.

As Jamie stated, acquiring domains isn’t always about reselling value; obscure or “unsellable” domains that expired often retain prior traffic that is not only restricted to the web. Domains that belonged to apps or sidekick domains of companies used for email can become lucrative sources of monetization, all while the domain itself can be unappealing or unpronounceable.

Is the HugeDomains bot unbeatable?

Not really, but beating it comes with a price that drives many domain investors into a trajectory of higher spending for their prospective domain acquisitions. Perhaps if the Taryn bot were to be adjusted for GoDaddy’s auctions it’d be a great demonstration of which bot is not only smarter, but more efficient.

Maybe a domainer should buy the Taryn code from Frank!

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