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Name Administration reportedly sold the domain Note.com

Name Administration, Inc., the domain portfolio manager of Frank Schilling‘s domains, has reportedly sold Note.com. The ultra premium dictionary domain had a listing price of $1.3 million, according to domain sleuth, Jamie Zoch. The dotWeekly publisher said: Name Administration Inc. has sold Note(.)com . The premium 4 letter generic #domain name held a buy now […]

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Domain data analysis : Do you follow Jamie Zoch on Twitter?

If you are interested in corporate domain acquisitions, staying on top of the latest happenings is important. Gauging the trends in what domain names large or smaller corporations register or buy, can be rewarding. Even if you don’t want to do your own research, it’s important to stay on top of such domain happenings, and […]

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The Domains : Rebranding to ‘The Zoch’ for your daily corporate goodness

Domain uber investor Mike Berkens announced the imminent rebranding of his popular blog, TheDomains, earlier today. The new name will be The Zoch, which is shorter and more edgy. “Jamie Zoch has been doing an excellent job here, and I decided to not only give the guy credit and a hefty raise, but to rename […]

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