A great #domain is available for $50 dollars on GoDaddy!

If you have $50 dollars you can buy the domain right now.

This AMAZING opportunity is too good to be true, right?

After all, a country .com domain should cost at least six figures to acquire. With you won’t be breaking the bank, but you may break your head by hitting it against the wall once you find out the first letter is “L.” 😀

Unlike DropCatch that has changed its capitalization of listings, things aren’t very clear at GoDaddy auctions where the first letter is displayed as a lower case “L.”

Update: The domain is no longer available; someone actually paid $50 dollars for it.

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One Response to “ A great #domain is available for $50 dollars on GoDaddy!”
  1. 6462 says:

    Come on GoDodgy … can do better

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