fetches $140k at the GoDaddy Auctions

The owner of the aged three letter domain scored a big sale today, as the single word LLL .com sold for $140,111 dollars. The auction took place at GoDaddy Auctions. Registered in 2003, the domain has an actual meaning, that of king and a reference to a person that is wise, bold, and […]

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Seven with Sedo:,, and more domains at this 3-letter auction!

The auction by Sedo that features 3-letter domains has started! Featuring LLL .com, LLL .net, and LLL .org domains, the week-long auction at Sedo takes place from May 18th to May 25th, 2023. From a total of 157 listed domains that are part of the Sedo auction, we picked 7 for this edition of “Seven […]

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Profit: Aussie domainer reports record sales numbers of 3-letter domains

Crikey! It’s raining money Down Under, it seems, as, an Australian domain investing publication and marketplace shared in recent news. Sales of 3 letter domain names are approaching record numbers, with May being quite spectacular, apparently. Father and son teamsters, Ned and Luke O’Meara, are thoroughly excited, both for the domain sales numbers […]

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Sedo: First 3L (LLL) domain auction in 2023!

If you have quality three letter domain names (LLL) Sedo wants to sell them on your behalf. The auction is focusing on .com, .net, and .org LLL domains specifically and exclusively. The first Sedo auction in 2023 to involve such a group of domains takes place from May 18th to May 25th which means one […]

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The cyrptocurrency exchange FTX, operating from the domains and in the US, has filed for bankruptcy. West Realm Shires Services Inc. is the mother company of FTX and filed for Chapter 11 as seen in this memo. Founder Sam Bankman-Fried has also stepped down as CEO. Approximately 130 additional affiliated companies are part […]

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Seven with Sedo: Get your 3 letter #domains before someone else does!

Sedo, our premium sponsor, is having a three letter domain auction from November 11th to the 18th. More than 85 LLL domains are being auctioned, with varied reserves in dollars, or euro or British pounds. Make sure you check the currency next to each domain if you bid! The auction involves LLL .com, .net, and […]

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Got three letter #domains for sale? Send them to #Sedo!

Domainers agree on at least one thing: Three letter domains (LLL) are one of the most liquid types of domain investments. Time to cash in! Sedo, our premium sponsor, is holding an open auction for LLL domain names. The auction will take place from November 11th to the 18th, and anyone can participate. Here are […]

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Another day, another newborn three letter .com domain: The former asset of General Electric dropped, losing its original registration date of 1997. Why would General Electric—also known as GE—drop the ball on a premium, aged domain name consisting of three letters? As late as in August of 2019, the domain was forwarding to […]

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UTA .ro : Cradle or acronym domain? #UDRP decision favored Respondent

The beauty of acronym domains, such as the LLL type, is that there is a very large number of matching word combinations. In the case of, the domain was challenged at the WIPO by UTA ​​Romania Services SRL, on behalf of the Germany mother company, Union-Tank Eckstein GmbH. The Romanian respondent claimed two things: […]

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#Sedo dot .info #domain auction ending tomorrow

The LLL .info auction by Sedo is ending tomorrow, and by the looks of it, there’s a lot of opportunities to be had. Why? Because very few of these three letter .info domains have met the minimum bid of $99 dollars. It sounds crazy, but we recall a time that mid-high three figures USD was […]

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#DropCatch does it again: is the newest #LLL .com #domain on the planet!

DropCatch has done it again, grabbing the domain after it expired and dropped. Last week, it was – a domain that was sold for $25,715 dollars. The newest three letter .com (LLL) on the planet has a registration date of May 13, 2018. Originally registered in 1997, is a premium “Chinese letters” […]

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LLL #domain : Auction of RXJ .com ended at #DropCatch at expected price range

The auction of ended moments ago at DropCatch, and the newest three letter .com domain on the planet will soon have a new owner. After a whopping 232 bids from 69 bidders, the auction of, a three letter domain consisting of perfectly “Chinese premium” letters, ended at $25,715 dollars. The high bidder was […]

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