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#Sedo dot .info #domain auction ending tomorrow

The LLL .info auction by Sedo is ending tomorrow, and by the looks of it, there’s a lot of opportunities to be had. Why? Because very few of these three letter .info domains have met the minimum bid of $99 dollars. It sounds crazy, but we recall a time that mid-high three figures USD was […]

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Sedo LLL .info auction : Less than 4 days to go, with low domain reserves

Sedo has been churning out a variety of auctions lately; after its success with the Austrian .AT auction generating more than $1 million in sales, its GreatDomains auction was a success as well. Fans of LLL domains (three letters) might want to take a look at a small but sweet auction of 50 three letter […]

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GoDaddy + Cheap .info registrations = One Trademark Clusterphuck

Once in a blue moon, uber-registrar GoDaddy attempts to further improve on its 40 million domain registrations by offering some really cheap deals. One such deal was for 99 cent dot .info domains; a TLD that hasn’t gotten much steam since its launch a decade ago. Thanks to that deal a year ago, almost 1.5 […]

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