GoDaddy allegedly promotes self-owned, trademark domains on its search tool

A domain investor demonstrated results produced by the GoDaddy domain search tool and two things stand out: GoDaddy-owned domains and trademark violations. In a Twitter thread, the search performed is that of “Crystal” with the GoDaddy results containing a prompt to perform a brokered “acquisition” of priced at $69.99 dollars. It also displays a […]

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GoDaddy Q1/2023 financial results: Strong quarter and return to normalcy

GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY) today reported financial results for the first quarter (Q1/2023) that ended March 31, 2023.  It marks the company’s return to normalcy with more than $1 billion of annualized GPV in the first quarter. “GoDaddy had a strong first quarter. We made progress towards returning to double-digit revenue growth and our Applications […]

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GoCaddy sounds like a great brand and for years it operated from the domain The products associated with the brand: Multi-purpose purses and pochettes, along with other types of purses. The trademark for GOCADDY was registered in 2012, citing first use in 2003. In case you didn’t notice, the domain name is one […]

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Latest GoDaddy hacking incident part of “multi-year campaign”

GoDaddy announced that a recent hacking incident that targeted its cPanel hosting servers is part of a “multi-year campaign” against the company. The announcement provided details about the latest incident that took place in December 2022, targeting the services available to hosting users. During the incident, an “unauthorized third party” installed malware and proceeded to […]

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GoDaddy Q4/2022 & annual report

GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY) today reported financial results for the fourth quarter (Q4/2022) along with fiscal 2022 earnings. According to the press release, 2022 Revenue up 7%; Cash Provided by Operating Activities up 18%; Free Cash Flow up 13%. Q4/2022 wasn’t as stellar: Reported earnings of $0.60 /share missed estimate of $0.62 /share by 3.23%. […]

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GoDaddy shuffles board of directors three weeks before earnings

GoDaddy announced changes to its board of directors (BOD) just three weeks before scheduled Q4/2022 & fiscal 2022 earnings. Srini Tallapragada and Sigal Zarmi are in, moving from Salesforce and Morgan Stanley respectively. The impressive qualifications of these two new board members were lauded by GoDaddy CEO, Aman Bhutani, who noted: “GoDaddy’s diverse board is […]

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GoDaddy to announce Q4/2022 and fiscal year earnings on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, GoDaddy will be sharing its performance results for Q4/2022, alongside the fiscal year 2022 earnings. The report will be released on February 14th, after the US stock market closes. Following the release, a webinar will be hosted by the GoDaddy management at 5:00pm Eastern time. You can register for the webinar here. […]

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GoDaddy Q3/2022: Another billion dollar quarter

GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY) today reported financial results for the third quarter (Q3/2022) that ended September 30, 2022. It was another billion dollar quarter for GoDaddy, the world’s biggest domain registrar. Revenue increased 7% year over year with Normalized EBITDA standing at 15% year over year. Internationally, Godaddy scored $333 million USD in revenue, a […]

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GoDaddy Q2/2022: Positive growth, #domain sales undecipherable

GoDaddy released its Q2/2022 financial statement yesterday, rocking the numbers as far as revenue and year to year growth goes. The biggest domain registrar in the world reported a 9% annual increase in revenue, with Normalized EBITDA hitting 30% year to year. GoDaddy displayed strong performance in its eCommerce solutions platforms, such as hosting and […]

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GoDaddy is the biggest domain registrar in the world, including rogue states such as Russia and Belarus. With tens of millions of domains registered at GoDaddy, the domain is one precious carrier of digital identities for third parties. GoDaddy owns and operates Afternic, an aftermarket currently receiving a technology infusion from its little brother, […]

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#FoDaddy .com : Nice traffic for #GoDaddy typo #domain sold at #DropCatch

The domain was auctioned off at DropCatch, ending at $939 dollars. This obvious typo definitely commands some very healthy typo-traffic; in this case, “fat-finger” traffic. What is fat-finger traffic? The letters F and G are adjacent on the keyboard, making the domain a very common error when attempting to type in the […]

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#GoDaddy rebranding : A design nod to #Uniregistry

As the biggest registrar in the world, GoDaddy has gone through almost two decades of corporate web site redesigns, and assorted changes in the marketing mentality. Eight years ago, the GoDaddy web site layout looked more or less like our parody elephant story, and in 2008 it looked like this – almost. 😀 Eventually, GoDaddy […]

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