How the “for sale” domain led to a bad review for Dan

Dan reviews are often left by individuals that meant to review another service. Quite often, a domain listed for sale at matches a product or a service offered by a company that does not use the .com. In the case of, the domain has been “continuously registered since 2002” and its registrant has […]

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Dan + Afternic: Out of sync

Recent updates at triggered a range of frustrating sentiments to domain investors, who had to rush in and tweak account settings once again. What took place: Portfolio holders at GoDaddy-owned Dan received a system update and while things looked normal, a little “devil” flipped the Afternic Integration switch from OFF to ON, at least […]

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Cheap brokers, rude attitude, and chicken feed

Better watch your attitude, cheap brokers. If you are a domain reseller looking for chicken feed, offering 4 to 5 figures, or working for a small business, don’t bother! All these are exclusions from being considered for the domain name, according to the landing page. The same page has existed with fewer requirements since […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Deleted by #HugeDomains, caught by Gname

It’s official: HugeDomains has killed the domain In November, we pointed out that despite an expiration date of June 8, 2025, was in redemption, all while HugeDomains removed it from its inventory of domains for sale: Apparently, was intentionally deleted by HugeDomains, as it was registered at NameBright, the sister company of […]

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Rick Schwartz on domain privacy: Dumbest thing in business!

The WHOIS protocol allows anyone to query databases that store information about registered domain names. This information typically includes the name, address, and contact information of the domain name owner. In some cases, this information is publicly available, which can make domain owners vulnerable to spam, scams, and other forms of cybercrime. To protect their […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Geo-domain for sale, no longer a cannabis portal

The ultra-premium geo-domain is up for sale, having switched from being a cannabis, weed, and CBD oil portal of sorts. Capitalizing on the liberal laws of Colorado, became a portal for fans of marijuana not too long ago. It was a surprise move away from the typical content that hosted prior: Information […]

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Prime Loyalty: Domain brokerage adds and

Domain brokerage group, Prime Loyalty, has added two premium, aged, single word .com to its “for sale” portfolio. The domain names and were both registered in 1995—a good 27 years ago! Furthermore, they never changed ownership, an important element when acquiring domains in the aftermarket, as sometimes domains get stolen, hijacked, or involved […]

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Lebron James could buy listed at $1.5 million dollars!

LeBron James is widely considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time and is often compared to Michael Jordan. The LA Lakers player is known for his business acumen, including turning a million into $50 million from his 2012 investment in the Blaze Pizza franchise. LeBron James is worth about $1 billion dollars, […]

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Sedo added new filters to search its large #domain name database

Sedo, our kind sponsor, has announced the launch of new search functionality for its domain name database. With millions of domains that can be found at, it’s important to be able to filter domains by traffic views. Domain buyers that are looking to acquire domains via Sedo based on traffic, will definitely love this […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Premium “real estate” priced to sell at $1.1 million dollars, an ultra-premium, aged geo-domain representing New York’s affluent Manhattan district, is now priced to sell. Its owners, Geocentric Media, are ready to accept offers of $1.1 million dollars, a huge discount from an appraised value of $4 million USD at NameWorth. Fred Melcado, CEO at Geocentric Media, talked about the availability of the domain […]

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No, does *not* steal your domain names!

“ stole my domain in under 24 hours.” This inaccurate claim is part of a recent review of, a platform designed for domain owners to sell their assets on. The reviewer asserts that is part of a group of “cybersquatters” that steal domain names – a completely false claim. Note: Dan is a […]

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