owner wants $25,000,000 dollars for the domain

Michael Fischer registered the domain in 1995. Through the years, the landing page for varied from a PPC lander to a blog.

After almost three decades, is now up for sale and the asking price is set at $25,000,000 dollars.

A bit outlandish, perhaps; it’s why the seller is seeking to sell the domain to wealthy individuals:

The accepting of any potential buyer / offer for the sale of this property will be exceptionally selective, discerning, and exclusive. Ideally, this property will be acquired by people like Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, Dan Bilzerian, etc. You are highly encouraged to assist with bringing this to their attention.

While the tobacco industry generates a lot of revenue for the producers of tobacco products, it’s an industry that has been responsible for cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In other words, the domain is associated with negative sentiments about a product that affects people’s health.

Still, someone, somewhere, might have the cash to spend on regardless.

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