Geo-domain for sale, no longer a cannabis portal

The ultra-premium geo-domain is up for sale, having switched from being a cannabis, weed, and CBD oil portal of sorts. Capitalizing on the liberal laws of Colorado, became a portal for fans of marijuana not too long ago. It was a surprise move away from the typical content that hosted prior: Information […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Premium “real estate” priced to sell at $1.1 million dollars, an ultra-premium, aged geo-domain representing New York’s affluent Manhattan district, is now priced to sell. Its owners, Geocentric Media, are ready to accept offers of $1.1 million dollars, a huge discount from an appraised value of $4 million USD at NameWorth. Fred Melcado, CEO at Geocentric Media, talked about the availability of the domain […]

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#Denver .com : City geo #domain becoming a #cannabis portal for #Colorado!

In an interesting twist of business focus, the geo-domain is switching to becoming a cannabis web site for Colorado. A few weeks ago, the homepage changed to the following message: “Welcome to – will be the destination for all things cannabis related. Our focus will be helping shoppers find the best […]

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New trademark application targets GEODOMAIN domain brand

A new trademark application at the USPTO for GEODOMAIN seems to introduce an alternate function for this generic keyword. Long after domain investors started using the geo-domain reference for city, town and other landmark domains as a shorthand version of “geographic domain,” an application filed on March 15th seeks to use the word for the […]

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Western Woods : Generic geo-domain lost via UDRP !

It’s not the nature of the domain, it’s how you respond to the UDRP. In the case of the generic geo-domain, the late response by the Respondent played a major role in the decision. According to the case, the Complainant did not even hold a registered trademark, relying instead on a “common law” mark: […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. – The one the Chamber of Commerce let go away!

Branson, Missouri is a thriving city in the Ozark Mountains, named after Reuben Branson, local entrepreneur and postmaster in the 1880s. Entrepreneurship still goes strong in the Internet era, and the owners of know very well about it all. Yesterday, sold its 4,000,000th online ticket, something that would never be possible, had the […]

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Finally some recognition: TIME magazine mentions gTLD domains

The current issue of TIME magazine (March 31, 2014) finally covers the gTLDs, and geo-domains in particular. Under the Roundup column, the TIME article mentions the launch of dot .Berlin on March 18, and points out that the new city gTLDs could prove to be a lucrative source of revenue for local governments. The article […]

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Geo domain traffic spikes: Visit Kennebunk and Kennebunkport

Kennebunk and Kennebunkport were founded in the early 1600’s in Maine, as part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The quiet, picturesque towns are popular destinations among the young and older folk, who want to stay at a romantic place along the New England coast. And now, due to the notoriety of the Alexis Wright “Zumba […]

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Geo madness: TravelShark acquires 80 premium domains

Geo domains are always hot commodities. Take for example leading online global travel network TravelShark. Wanting to strengthen its position in popular destinations in Asia and Europe, TravelShark announced the acquisition of 80 new major-market, destination-specific websites. Formerly known as SwiftRank, TravelShark’s newest domain acquisitions – all now live sites with new and enhanced TravelShark […]

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Ryck Latowna geo typos – It’s all Greek to me

Did I catch your attention with this strange way of writing Rick Latona’s name? I should have, because although “Ryck Latowna” sounds a lot like “Rick Latona”, it surely looks way out of place. Rick would never write his name as “Ryck Latowna”. In the same sense, you’d never confuse Richard Svartz – a graphic […]

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