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Domain noticed: Bra .com hits the chopping block

These days, a girl’s best friend is most likely her bra; despite some suffragette uprising in the past that led to the burning of this restrictive female garment, it was because bras of the day resembled torture devices. On that note, Bra.com has been put up for sale, and thankfully the developed web site is […]

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Daryl says: Rick Schwartz and Rick Latona monopolize the big news

What’s up domainers? There’s blood in the domain streets, can you feel it? Let me explain. First, Rick Latona pulls out of the auction market. Now I rarely go “wow” but this time, while I was having a cold one, I did go “WOW!”. No sh*t, I did. Rick tried with the web development market […]

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Ryck Latowna geo typos – It’s all Greek to me

Did I catch your attention with this strange way of writing Rick Latona’s name? I should have, because although “Ryck Latowna” sounds a lot like “Rick Latona”, it surely looks way out of place. Rick would never write his name as “Ryck Latowna”. In the same sense, you’d never confuse Richard Svartz – a graphic […]

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