Original registrant sold it for $85,000 dollars to a domain investor

Despite its eventual legal woes, was hand-registered in late 2022 for $9.63 dollars, then flipped for a whopping $85,000 dollars. The amazing story of the domain matching one of the dominant brands in 2023, ChatGPT, began when an observant guy, Mike Santiago, watched a YouTube video about emerging technologies. One of the buzzwords in […]

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Rick Latona’s big victory: arrangement despite UDRP

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Rick Latona, scored a big victory with the apparent sale of The arrangement took place after long negotiations that followed the UDRP filed against the domain name in March. The UDRP was subsequently withdrawn after the two parties came to an agreement. Rick Latona noted that his company accepted a […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : Is the #domain now owned by a small restaurant in #Cardiff?

If you want some great tasting chicken, you might want to go to –  a fast food joint in Cardiff, Wales. The name of the store promises some deliciousness and apparently they have a great local followship. Domain investor and entrepreneur, Rick Latona, visited the place after spotting “” in the restaurant’s sign. Rick […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : Former Rick Latona #domain gem has been sold

Does anyone remember the golden era of domain minisite craze? Rick Latona launched more than a decade ago, offering minisite design packages. It was meant to be a turn-key solution, aimed at lazy domainers with no skills of their own, on a tight budget. Alas, the minisite craze ended around the time WordPress launched […]

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In real life : Rick Latona brokers domain

Three letter domain acronyms with a variety of meanings are popular with investors and end-user buyers alike. Rick Latona is currently brokering the three letter domain, It can stand for “Ireland,” or as an acronym for “In Real Life.” According to the domain’s description at Premium LLL.COM available for sale One of the […]

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Puerto Rico : Dot .PR domain shares the status of the rebuilding island

The devastation in Puerto Rico due to hurricane Irma was immense. Millions of Puerto Ricans were left without power and water, and the rebuilding process has been slow. Domain investors residing on the island, such as Rick Latona, were lucky to escape Irma’s wrath, but are back with fuel and generators restoring power and Internet […]

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ICANN 61 in San Juan, Puerto Rico : Will they have power?

The devastation that hurricane Maria brought to Puerto Rico is immense, and currently only 10% of the island has power. Millions of Puerto Ricans in San Juan and elsewhere depend on food rations to survive. Domain investors living in Puerto Rico, such as Rick Latona, are grateful to have escaped the hurricane’s wrath. Progress is […]

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Rick Latona and family are safe, after hurricane Maria crushes Puerto Rico

Domain entrepreneur, Rick Latona, and his family are safe, after hurricane Maria crushed Puerto Rico. Latona, a Harvard Business School graduate, moved his company, SiteMatrix LLC, to Puerto Rico a couple of years ago. The island is without power, but all of his employees are safe and sound, despite the unprecedented scale of destruction that […]

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Rick Latona graduates from Harvard Business School

A while back, popular domain investor and entrepreneur, Rick Latona, took a sabbatical from the domain industry, to invest in himself. Education is one of the biggest assets in any profession and industry, and Rick Latona has proven this by graduating today from the prestigious Harvard Business School. Sporting the Harvard tie, Rick Latona looks […]

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Rick & Rick: Calling all Developers

It seems that Rick Latona and Rick Schwartz read eachothers’ blog quite faithfully. One cannot explain how they both all of a sudden came up with the same idea: to seek developers eager to develop generic domains into businesses. The dice was first rolled by Rick Latona, announcing Research Labs: “Research Labs takes a very […]

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4 Billion spam posts later, relaunches

Yet another Rick Latona “baby” changed hands and is now available again! which focuses on the niche market of – surprise, surprise – ccTLDs is back in operation. The forum has changed ownership and it’s open again, according to an email sent out to its members: The Global Domain Community focusing on Country Code […]

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Thank you, Mark Cuban!

As we announced a few days ago, the stolen domain was returned by Rick Latona to its legitimate owner, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. We always strive to do the right thing, it’s what brings positive karma in life. Earlier today, we received a box in the mail that contained a token of appreciation […]

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