Original registrant sold it for $85,000 dollars to a domain investor

Despite its eventual legal woes, was hand-registered in late 2022 for $9.63 dollars, then flipped for a whopping $85,000 dollars. The amazing story of the domain matching one of the dominant brands in 2023, ChatGPT, began when an observant guy, Mike Santiago, watched a YouTube video about emerging technologies. One of the buzzwords in […]

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Rick Latona’s big victory: arrangement despite UDRP

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Rick Latona, scored a big victory with the apparent sale of The arrangement took place after long negotiations that followed the UDRP filed against the domain name in March. The UDRP was subsequently withdrawn after the two parties came to an agreement. Rick Latona noted that his company accepted a […]

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What are the odds that OpenAI will get the domain

OpenAI, inventors of the ChatGPT model and platform, have filed a UDRP to get the matching .com domain, at the WIPO. The company failed miserably to secure the domain that was available for just a few days after the ChatGPT beta opened to the public. A company called Site Matrix LLC registered the domain […]

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OpenAI, creators of the ChatGPT phenomenon, has filed a UDRP against the domain name As noted by Elliot of DomainInvesting, the domain is listed in a fresh UDRP filed at the WIPO. was registered last December, and we pointed out at the time that it was being monetized with PPC ads. In February, […]

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If you haven’t heard of ChatGPT, here’s a synopsis: It’s an AI-driven chatbot able to engage in meaningful, conversational exchanges. It can also create content that reads remarkably human-like. Rising in popularity, the ChatGPT service is currently free and available via The operating company, OpenAI, provides the entertaining service free of charge, for now, […]

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