Crazy PPC monetization as the matching AI .com domain

If you haven’t heard of ChatGPT, here’s a synopsis: It’s an AI-driven chatbot able to engage in meaningful, conversational exchanges. It can also create content that reads remarkably human-like. Rising in popularity, the ChatGPT service is currently free and available via The operating company, OpenAI, provides the entertaining service free of charge, for now, […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. End of Bodis for PPC; transition to GoDaddy Cashparking is a GoDaddy company, since its acquisition for $71.4 million dollars. Co-founder Reza Sardeha is no longer the CEO and has moved on to new ventures. The popular domain selling platform operates a PPC monetization option using and that is now going away. An announcement from Dan states that Dan users who want […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Company’s web site down as complaints pile up

Last October we noted how PPC services provider,, had wrapped up six months of sub-par service. It’s now been 15 months since Voodoo, once popular with domain investors parking their domains, effectively stopped answering emails, tickets, and other prompts to communicate with its customers. The latest news about the saga: Their web site […]

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#Uniregistry announces changes to payee fees

Effective tomorrow, January 26th, 2022, Uniregistry is making changes to how Payee fees are charged. Who is affected? Domain investors that sell domains on the Uni Market and those who park their domains with Uniregistry. In an email, Uniregistry stated: If you provide incorrect account information resulting in a rejected payment, GoDaddy will charge payment […]

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Incommunicado: customers complain about no support, missed payments

Voodoo, the PPC company operating from the domain, has gone incommunicado, according to customers seeking a response. There are complaints of no payments made for parking revenue earned since April 2021, while support tickets go unanswered. Concerns about the company’s future first popped up in May on NamePros, asking whether the platform was on […]

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Google moves to “first-price” #AdSense auction potentially affecting PPC

If you park your domains, earning pay per click (PPC) revenue, some things might soon change but will it be for the best? Google, the world’s biggest digital advertising provider, is switching its AdSense keyword bidding format to “first-price” from “second-price.” What’s the damn difference, you might say. Very simply put, until now Google let […]

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Sedo improves UX with Bulk Uploader for your #domain names

Sedo, our premium sponsor, has rolled out Bulk Domain Uploader. The new feature improves and automates the process of adding and editing domains to your Sedo portfolio. According to the recent press release, you can sit back and relax while the Bulk Uploader transfers domain portfolios of any size to your customer account automatically. You […]

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#Domains & #guns: to sell for $240,000,000 dollars

Publicly traded company Ammo Inc (Nasdaq:POWW) recently announced, that on February 11th, they agreed to purchase for an estimated $240 million dollars in cash and stock. is the world’s leading online marketplace for the legal sale of firearms, ammunition and accessories with over 6 million registered users. That’s a lot of ammo.  But, […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : Seemingly generic #domain lost in #UDRP due to serving wine PPC ads

Opus is the Latin word for work of art, but in the world of trademarks and brands it all depends on use. The registrant of the domain found out via the UDRP process that displaying PPC ads about wine constitutes trademark infringement. Opus One Winery LLC filed the UDRP at the WIPO, to protect […]

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#Uniregistry : Get paid for PPC at a $25 dollar balance!

Uniregistry users rejoice: the old PPC threshold of between $100 and $500 dollars is getting reduced, substantially. Let’s face it: domain parking isn’t what it used to be, and making dollars and cents is harder than before. Uniregistry is now lowering PPC payout thresholds to just $25 dollars, by the end of this month and […]

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Uni landers: Parking page changes at #Uniregistry result in bigger revenue

Uniregistry parking landers don’t look as “fancy” as they did a few years ago, but there’s a plan behind that. Since the acquisition of Uniregistry by GoDaddy, a lot of great things are in the works, and technological know-how has been flowing between the tech departments of both companies. The recent changes to the Uniregistry […]

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#BODIS : Domain parking payouts in #Bitcoin growing in popularity

BODIS, a DomainGang sponsor, operates a successful domain parking and monetization platform from Last year, we interviewed its principals during NamesCon, learned about the company’s processes, and how it constantly strives to improve the services provided. A quick chat with Matt Wegrzyn, founder and CEO of BODIS, identified another important benefit of using the […]

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