Google generics: Anguilla no longer linked to .ai domains

Google has added dot .ai, the ccTLD of Anguilla, to its growing list of “generic” TLDs, an indication that there are not many domains representing the small island. Dot .ai domains are being used as a reference to “artificial intelligence” or AI, technology, crypto, and other uses that are not linked to Anguilla. As such, […]

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Google ranking no longer cares about being mobile-friendly

In 2015, Google pushed hard for establishing mobile-friendly content as a means of gauging ranking with its search engine. That feature, whether it was actively enforced or not, is now obsolete. No longer does mobile-friendly content become a requirement for Google ranking, although having mobile-friendly content can be a plus for some. New guidelines released […]

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Very evil: Google keeping 90% or more of ad revenues according to multi-state lawsuit

Washington is the latest US state to join an antitrust lawsuit targeting Google and its ad business. Washington state attorney general Bob Ferguson joined the lawsuit against Google that was filed in January by the US State Department and eight other states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Virginia. The […]

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Google, operators of the gaming platform Stadia, announced that it’s terminating the service. Built on the acquired domain name, Google’s Stadia is a cloud gaming service developed and operated by Google. It is accessible through Chromecast Ultra and Android TV devices, on personal computers via the Google Chrome web browser and other browsers. Not […]

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Iron Mountain: Why is Google using it as a “domain escrow?”

Google operates an ICANN-accredited domain registrar, among its many ventures. Domain investors using Google to register and manage domain names often go there not because of discounted pricing, but because of the expected level of security. That might not work out in the end as Jay Westerdal found out. Google’s online help contains an entry […]

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Google takes 21 years later

Google, the 800 lbs search engine gorilla, has taken over the domain It took 21 years and the use of the UDRP process to bring this 2001 registration home. Googling is the act of using Google to search for and find related results and “Googled” would be the past tense, however, this is a […]

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Trusted Contacts has an interesting story shared by both Facebook,—now Meta—and Google. In 2013, Facebook (Meta) opened “Trusted Contacts” publicly, renaming it from a closed-beta “Trusted Friends.” The Facebook version of “Trusted Contacts” is as follows: Choose people you trust, like friends you’d give a spare key to your house. Choose people you can reach […]

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Google AdSense updates content ad policies related to war in #Ukraine

Google AdSense has released an update to its current policies, for ads appearing on content related to Ukraine. The updated policy states that due to the war in Ukraine, Google will pause monetization of content that exploits, dismisses, or condones the war. This is a major move by Google to deprive propaganda-driven web sites supporting […]

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Military gear: Google ads spread out thanks to war in #Ukraine

The ongoing war in Ukraine has created a massive interest in military gear and related supplies. While gun ads are more or less banned from Google, other tactical “defensive” gear is not. For example, when viewing an article on CNN with updates on the Ukrainian crisis, the following add appears: On the left, one can […]

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Performed “domain rebranding” recently? Google needs the old #domain up for a year!

Performing any type of domain rebranding, the process of pointing a domain, subdomain, or other online content to a new domain, requires some maintenance for SEO purposes. If you want Google to “move over” your content from the previous domain name to the new one, you’d better be prepared for some long haul redirection! That’s […]

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How Google helps with the war crisis in #Ukraine

Google is the world’s biggest search engine and its associated services, from cloud hosting to domain name registrations generate billions of dollars in revenue, alongside advertising. The war in Ukraine is raging, after Russia’s invasion of it in late February. There are millions of displaced refugees and numerous casualties among civilians. Ukraine is holding on […]

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Google moves to “first-price” #AdSense auction potentially affecting PPC

If you park your domains, earning pay per click (PPC) revenue, some things might soon change but will it be for the best? Google, the world’s biggest digital advertising provider, is switching its AdSense keyword bidding format to “first-price” from “second-price.” What’s the damn difference, you might say. Very simply put, until now Google let […]

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