Google Domains migration to Squarespace is incomplete

Did you register your domains with Google Domains? That ship has now sailed, as Google announced the sale of its domain business to Squarespace last summer. The deal closed at the end of September 2023 but that was at an administrative level: With almost 10 million domains under management at the time, the deal involved […]

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Alphabet is selling Google Domains assets to Squarespace

Alphabet Inc., mother company to Google, has announced that it is shutting down its Google Domains business and selling its assets to Squarespace Inc. According to an anonymous source familiar with the matter, Squarespace is acquiring the business assets for approximately $180 million, although the financial details of the transaction have not been made public. […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Google drops service built on 1994 domain name

Google, operators of the gaming platform Stadia, announced that it’s terminating the service. Built on the acquired domain name, Google’s Stadia is a cloud gaming service developed and operated by Google. It is accessible through Chromecast Ultra and Android TV devices, on personal computers via the Google Chrome web browser and other browsers. Not […]

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SquidWelp study: Company CEOs 8X more likely to UDRP a domain vs buy it!

A sea of data pouring in from domain data analyst startup, SquidWelp, indicates the obvious: More corporate CEOs, middle managers, and chief IT engineers are willing to “steal” a domain, as opposed to buying it. The non-shocking report was announced earlier today in a series of SMS messages and TikTok videos by the SquidWelp VP […]

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Argentinian took over the #domain for a while

A technical glitch at Argentina’s ccTLD Registry allowed a third party to take over the registration of the domain and keep it for a short while. The domain is used as the Google portal in Argentina. Nicolás David Kuroña said in his Twitter account that “I want to clarify that I entered I […]

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Domain Cloud: Google is upping the ante with one-stop management shop

Google is the #1 search engine and also an accredited domain registrar that’s about to leverage is immense footprint. Cloud Domains is a new, one-stop shop by Google, providing administrators and developers with the convenience of managing domains, DNS and SSL management, and more from a single source. What are the key benefits of using […]

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Google this : Trademark still strong, not a generic term, says the US Supreme Court

Google this, google that. The notion that “Google” is no longer a strong trademark, was disclaimed by the US Supreme Court this week. A lawsuit had claimed that “Google” had become synonymous with the term “search the Internet” and no longer worthy of a retaining its trademarked status. The US Supreme Court declined on Monday […]

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Trademark trouble : Has Google become a generic word?

Is “Google” a generic word, devoid of its trademark status? Two entrepreneurs are asking the Supreme Court to deliver a decision: Should Google lose its trademark due to the term being used as a verb? Lawyers for David Elliott and Chris Gillespie are urging the court to hear an appeal of a recent decision by […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP : Who gets to keep the domain?

Back in July, the double-infringing domain,, was challenged in a UDRP. In a surprising decision, the Complainant, Nike corporation, was denied transfer of the domain. The reason: there are two infringing trademarks involved, Nike and Google. Lo and behold, the Nike lawyers called up Google, and a new UDRP was filed against the owner […]

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The man who didn’t really buy for $12

There’s a story circulating about how a former Google employee managed to take over the domain Originating on LinkedIn, the story claims that Sanmay Ved, somehow managed to acquire the domain, after going through the registration process via Google Domains. Although his credit card was charged and the domain appeared in his Google […]

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WHOIS privacy unmasked at 282,867 eNom domains in Google Apps snafu

Long before becoming a registrar, Google partnered with eNom to roll out domain registration services via its Google Apps. While thousands of registrants opted for WHOIS privacy, some glitch in the Google Apps software instructed eNom to reveal the registrants’ information at the time of the domains’ renewal. The glitch slowly but surely affected a […]

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XYZ: Sign the petition for inclusion to Google Domains!

After perusing the domain gTLDs included in the newly launched, beta version of Google Domains, we kinda asked ourselves: Why wasn’t dot .XYZ included on the list? After all, the ‘generation XYZ’ registry considers itself hip and groovy, so why not include .XYZ domains to the approved list of manageable Google Domains? There is no […]

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