XYZ: Sign the petition for inclusion to Google Domains!


Time to cast your ballot!

After perusing the domain gTLDs included in the newly launched, beta version of Google Domains, we kinda asked ourselves:

Why wasn’t dot .XYZ included on the list?

After all, the ‘generation XYZ’ registry considers itself hip and groovy, so why not include .XYZ domains to the approved list of manageable Google Domains?

There is no clear answer, or it might have to do with the fact that Google isn’t willing to play robo-registration games like Network Solutions. Or maybe they dislike agent purple, we aren’t sure.

So we decided to launch a petition on behalf of XYZ and here’s your chance to validate it (or not.) 😀

Should the XYZ domains be included to the list of TLDs managed by Google Domains?

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