An #infosec consultant dealt with New Ventures to get his family #domain back

An information security consultant dealt with New Ventures Services Corp., the domain warehousing branch of Network Solutions, in order to regain control of his expired domain. Mark Burnett‘s family domain,, was registered in 1998 and over the course of several years he managed it along with several hundred other domains at Network Solutions. Eventually, he […]

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Network Solutions : Domain discount promo ends with massive mess

A Network Solutions domain promo offering “free domain transfers” attracted dozens of domainers. The free domain transfer promotion by NetSol, used a coupon code, FREETRNSFEROCT, to facilitate what was supposed to be a controlled amount of domain transfers. Soon after, the domain coupon code was shared on social media and domain forums, such as NamePros, […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. : Marketo domain was renewed by non-owner at Network Solutions! is the domain of global application creators Marketo, and they let that domain lapse. On July 23rd the domain expired, taking the web site and its related content offline. Realizing what had happened, self-professed computer geek, Travis Prebble, headed over to Network Solutions, registrars for the domain. Just two days past expiration, Prebble had […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. : One of the earliest cases of ICANN-reported domain theft

Domain theft is a crime. Stealing domains amounts to removing a valuable asset that belongs to someone else, and it’s no different than stealing a car, for example. For many years, domain names have been stolen, and overseer ICANN does not currently offer the type of domain ownership record, or title, made available to owners […]

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Network Solutions batches out months’ old domain transfer emails

A few days ago, Network Solutions sent out a number of emails related to domain transfer requests. At first, we thought there was some sort of malicious account compromise, or that the emails were part of a phishing campaign. The emails, however, were legitimate, but they were about domain transfers that occurred months prior. In […]

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Domainer Comics : Network Solutions getting the job done!

Domainer Comics is an open series designed to poke fun at facts, figures and other aspects of domain investing. If you missed the previous installments of the DomainGang Domainer Comics, check out “A penny saved is a penny earned“, or head over to the central repository. Faithful to our promise to create a new domain-related […]

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Patent Attorney : ‘No one gives a shit about domain names anymore’

Robert Platt Bell is a patent attorney in Jekyll Island, Georgia and he feels “mad as hell” – thanks to .XYZ domains and Network Solutions. Apparently, Mr. Bell received one email too many from his primary domain registrar, and it’s not for the .com – it’s for the freebie .XYZ he was forced to have […]

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XYZ ‘drama’ : Dot .com owner upset over domain name they did not receive

Despite having several thousand domains in pending delete, dot .XYZ is still the top new gTLD with more than one million domain registrations, according to ntldstats. The difference in numbers – a hefty 200,000 .XYZ domains – is due to the annual drops, after a Network Solutions robo-registration campaign occurred this time, last year. While […]

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Regofix UDRP splits decision : Dot .COM stays, .XYZ leaves

A Swiss company filed a UDRP for the domains and, claiming it infringed on their REGO-FIX mark. The trademark was registered in Switzerland in 1997. Meanwhile, a former partner of the company, residing in Singapore, registered the .COM in 1996. Once their partnership ended several years ago, they offered the .com for sale […]

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Network Solutions rolls out ‘XYZ’ tool to help delete free dot .XYZ domain names

As part of its redesigned domain services, Network Solutions has rolled out a new tool that allows domain owners to get rid of all free, unwanted dot .XYZ domain names they never asked for. At the click of a button, the XYZ Omega tool terminates all free domains that were added as part of an […]

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Making history with $35 dollars: How much is now worth?

When Gruhn Guitars rebranded online from to, the move was expected by many to be due to a domain acquisition in the millions of dollars. The shocking truth is, that Gruhn Guitars hand registered this amazing generic dot com domain in 1995, paying the $35 fee to Network Solutions. This was the dawn […]

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XYZ: Sign the petition for inclusion to Google Domains!

After perusing the domain gTLDs included in the newly launched, beta version of Google Domains, we kinda asked ourselves: Why wasn’t dot .XYZ included on the list? After all, the ‘generation XYZ’ registry considers itself hip and groovy, so why not include .XYZ domains to the approved list of manageable Google Domains? There is no […]

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