Stolen domains:,,

The domain names,, and have one thing or two in common. For starters, all 3 domains are registered at Network Solutions, using WHOIS privacy. They are premium and aged, as they were registered in the mid 1990s. One more thing in common is that they have been reported as stolen, by two […]

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Caution: Fake Network Solutions phishing emails making the rounds

Domain investors should be aware of a current phishing campaign using the Network Solutions brand. Why is NetSol’s brand used as a bait? The oldest domain registrar maintains millions of aged, premium, or otherwise valuable domains for its clients. In the current phishing campaign, the domain name NetworkSolutions.CO is part of the communication email; the […]

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Network Solutions: We’re here 24/7

Network Solutions, the oldest domain registrar in the world, is going 24/7 on help issues. Last month, severe weather in the Philippines caused NetSol to tweet about this particular “act of god” that caused its tech support hubs to lag behind. A recent email notes the following, in part: We understand you’re busy and may […]

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Network Solutions: Support hub down due to extreme weather

Customers of Network Solutions aren’t the most patient bunch, and this time around issues that aren’t resolved are due to force majeure: the weather. Network Solutions, or NetSol to its friends, operates several support hubs around the globe, presumably to offer around-the-clock support for domain registrations, hosting, and related internet services. The oldest .com domain […]

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Domain locked at Network Solutions despite request to push

Network Solutions has locked a domain eligible for pushing to another account, according to its registrant, domain investor Josh Reason. The DNWE co-founder shared his frustration about how a domain at NetSol was deemed ineligible for an intra-registrar push. Network Solutions support claims that there is a 60 day lock due to changes in the […]

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Stolen #domains:, snatched from Network Solutions

A group of ultra premium domain names has been reported as stolen and moved away from Network Solutions. The cache of stolen domains include the following: Three of these domains were moved from NetSol to Shinjiru MSC Sdn Bhd, an ICANN-accredited registrar based in Malaysia. The practice is familiar: a registrant’s […]

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The aged, premium domain name has been reported as stolen. was moved away from its registrant’s possession at Network Solutions, to BizCN in China. The same domain registrar was used in several other recent domain theft incidents that included the high profile case of Thomas E. Dell, founder of Soylent Communications, is […]

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Network Solutions : #WHOIS fear and loathing of your #domains and data!

Network Solutions, the original domain Registrar, has been receiving some heat on Twitter recently. It’s all about the pressure it puts on domain registrants, urging them to use “Private Registration” and protect themselves from spammers. Of course, that’d cost you extra. The big green letters say it all: “Warning: Your personal information is in danger.” […]

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Did Network Solutions run a million bot traffic on this single #domain video?

Popular domain videos are rare, and Network Solutions just so happens to have released one of these. The original domain registrar still holds onto a sizable inventory of aged domains, as a daughter company of But let’s be honest, their pricing isn’t that great, and competition is fierce, with GoDaddy running supreme, and other […]

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An #infosec consultant dealt with New Ventures to get his family #domain back

An information security consultant dealt with New Ventures Services Corp., the domain warehousing branch of Network Solutions, in order to regain control of his expired domain. Mark Burnett‘s family domain,, was registered in 1998 and over the course of several years he managed it along with several hundred other domains at Network Solutions. Eventually, he […]

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Network Solutions : Domain discount promo ends with massive mess

A Network Solutions domain promo offering “free domain transfers” attracted dozens of domainers. The free domain transfer promotion by NetSol, used a coupon code, FREETRNSFEROCT, to facilitate what was supposed to be a controlled amount of domain transfers. Soon after, the domain coupon code was shared on social media and domain forums, such as NamePros, […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : Marketo domain was renewed by non-owner at Network Solutions! is the domain of global application creators Marketo, and they let that domain lapse. On July 23rd the domain expired, taking the web site and its related content offline. Realizing what had happened, self-professed computer geek, Travis Prebble, headed over to Network Solutions, registrars for the domain. Just two days past expiration, Prebble had […]

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