Nasim Jahibid : Why I’m bidding on #Penis .com on my favorite #NameJet

Super-active Iranian domain investor, Nasim Jahibid, is back in the limelight, and this time he’s bidding BIG. The prolific domainer loves NameJet, where he often bids as “njhighbid” and crushes the competition every single time. His latest target: the domain name, an asset with huge potential for the end-user. Nasim Jahibid’s high bid of […]

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John Berryhill : BusinessFunding .com was auctioned despite being unexpired

IP attorney, John Berryhill, shared information on, a 20 year old domain that was listed for sale in a NameJet auction. The domain wasn’t expired, and according to Berryhill, its registrant, Domain Capital, had renewed it until 2020. Data from DomainTools supports this, indicating that despite its renewed status, the domain was moved into […]

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Nasim Jahibid : Cash-only Iranian #domain investor behind “njhighbid” alias on #NameJet

The truth is out there: Super-active domain investor, Nasim Jahibid, is the mysterious “njhighbid” alias on NameJet. The Iranian domain investor enters domain auctions only once they reach six figures, according to a statement made by the Iranian Domain Name Association (IDNA) in Tehran. Nasim Jahibid submits payments in cash only, mailing Samsonite suitcases filled […]

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NameJet drops pricing to $39 for some domain backorders

NameJet announced that it’s dropping the price of some domain backorders to $39 dollars. Normally, the price is $69 dollars, so that’s a considerable discount. According to the latest news from NameJet: “While most of the domains on NameJet still start at $69, you will likely see more and more domains starting below this amount. […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : Epic battle ends at NameJet

The domain was just auctioned off at NameJet; the winner is niko63, with a bid of $3,155 dollars. That amount of money buys a lot of Greek olives! It’s not a secret that Greek olives are world-renowned for their quality, nutritional value and flavor. While Kalamata olives are mostly marketed in the US as […]

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Two letter domain close to hitting reserve at NameJet

The two letter .com domain,, is being auctioned at NameJet, with a current bid of $500,000 dollars. It’s very rare to see LL .com domains being auctioned, as they are popular with the Chinese, often fetching seven figures. This one is being offered from the inventory of Internet Real Estate, the owned-domain branch of […]

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NameJet adds PayPal and Alipay as account funding options

NameJet, the premium domain auction marketplace, has announced that PayPal and Alipay can now be used as account funding options. These funding options will be available from December 14th onwards. At the same time, an administrative fee of 2.5% will be charged for all payments made with online methods, the exception being bank wire transfers. […]

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North Korea to list its 28 domains on NameJet

A technical fiasco unveiled all 28 domains currently registered in the .KP ccTLD, and North Korea is taking drastic measures to address the embarrassing leak. “He who betray honor of supreme leader, Kim Jong-un and spirit of blessed Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, will die painful death,” said Kim Zing-pong, Internet propaganda minister for the […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. hits almost six figures at NameJet

The ultra-premium domain,, hit almost six figures at NameJet earlier today. Registered in 1995, was auctioned on NameJet with a reserve price, between $75,000 and $100,000 dollars. After 100 bids from 93 bidders took a stab at the auction, the domain’s closing price didn’t meet reserve, despite finishing with a $93,500 bid. The […]

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NameJet : Bidder ‘first’ wins $1.5 million dollar auction of domain

Can’t beat this guy! The NameJet bidder alias “first” won the bidding war for the domain Long associated with an unbeatable bidding record, user “first” on NameJet is in fact a Chinese group of bidders, pooling their cash. The NameJet auction for the domain attracted 189 bidders, and while some entered the auction […]

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Domain auction shocker: ‘We’re sorry, but your domain did not sell’

Quite often, you list a domain for sale at one of several domain auction venues: Flippa, GoDaddy, AfterNic, NameJet or Sedo. These are the top domain auction destinations, in our opinion, frequented by domain investors and end-users alike. All while you’re hoping that the domain would sell, you receive the much dreaded message: “Your auction […]

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From the Monday whine department: A domain backorder flaw at NameJet

NameJet has generated lots of sales over the years, and it’s one of these domain auction platforms that seem to attract dependable buyers. Naturally, its expansion into the exclusive sales territory added more inventory, but there is a fundamental flaw that can be frustrating at times. Domains that are being auctioned exclusively – that is, […]

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