NameJet drops pricing to $39 for some domain backorders

NameJet announced that it’s dropping the price of some domain backorders to $39 dollars.

Normally, the price is $69 dollars, so that’s a considerable discount.

According to the latest news from NameJet:

“While most of the domains on NameJet still start at $69, you will likely see more and more domains starting below this amount. Our expiry partner, Tucows, will be the first in this pilot program with starting bids as low as $39! Please note this does not affect existing backorders and is subject to change.”

So how does one get the $39 price?

There are two methods:

  • Using the advanced search page, select Domain Type as [Pre-Release] and then click the [GO] or the [Search Domains] button. Next, click the column header [Min. Bid]. It will then sort from lowest to highest.
  • On the downloads page, you can download the Pre-Release domain files, open in a spreadsheet and sort by minimum bid.

NameJet also announced some additional improvements to the domain list download page:

  • Now you have the ability to download the Pre-Release lists with or without reserve ranges
  • Also, the Auctions & Listings have been expanded to include the following:
    All the current lists from the NameJet homepage, including Hot Picks
    A “Most Popular” list for all Pre-Release domains that have at least 3 bids
    A “Most Popular Last Chance” list for all Pre-Release domains that have at least 3 bids and are in their last day of Pre-Release

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