Coderbag grabs pair of QuickCPU domains with John Berryhill’s help

Coderbag LLC is a software publisher of QuickCPU, a PC performance tuning software. The company registered the mark QUICKCPU and operates from The company enlisted the services of popular IP attorney, John Berryhill, in an attempt to get the domains and via the UDRP process. Why was that important? The Respondent copied […]

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The dark side of granting “lease to own” domain sales via Afternic

Afternic is rolling out the option of offering lease to own (LTO) opportunities to potential domain buyers. Copied from that streamlined the process, the Afternic process appears to be a welcome option for domain investors. Still, the option arrives with strings attached: A series of terms and conditions appear to cover Afternic from a […]

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UDRP against ends up with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking decision

A GoDaddy broker relayed offers for from Healthyr LLC that the registrant did not accept; the ensuing “Plan B” was to file a UDRP. Note: This is why anonymous offers via a third party broker should always be ignored: there is no option for the domain’s registrant & seller to set their own rules […]

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Domains & UDRP: Lawyers should use the tools of the trade

Professionals of every trade should utilize the best tools to deliver services to clients. In the case of a law firm, using information databases such as LexisNexis is a given, as they are an indispensable tool that does require paid subscriptions. Not every law firm is willing to fork out money for such tools, apparently. […]

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WebSec Holdings, B.V., the Netherlands, fired up their legal salvo to acquire the domain name Registered in 2002, the domain’s creation date predates the Dutch cybersecurity’s formation date by 18 whole years. Prior to the UDRP, the Complainant offered $1,000 to acquire the domain; the Respondent’s acquisition of the domain in 2016 cost more, […]

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Herr Foods retained John Berryhill in cybersquatting case

Herr Foods, Inc. is an American brand owner of potato chips and other snack foods produced in Nottingham, Pennsylvania. The brands include baked snacks Good Natured Selects, a product range that was introduced in 2013. The term is a registered trademark and somehow someone at the corporate branding and marketing team dropped the ball on […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Reverse Domain Name Hijacking decision

The registrant of the domain was making a pun about his last name, Hale; he registered the domain in 2000. Roger Hale is a cybersecurity professional; a Florida law firm, Hale Law, P.A, filed a UDRP to get the domain based on a mark for GO TO HALE that was registered in 2020. That […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP a victory for domain name investor Ammar Kubba

A company named Foundations Worldwide, Inc. filed a UDRP for the domain name Gaggle is a dictionary word referencing a group of geese; also used as a metaphor for unintelligent or silly people. Registered in 2001, the domain has been in the possession of domain investor and afterTHOUGHT founder, Ammar Kubba. He was represented […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. WIPO panel loving art paints Reverse #Domain Name Hijacking masterpiece

The UDRP filed against the domain name did not fare well for the Complainant. Le Géant des Beaux-Arts, SARL, France, is a French company doing business as a distributor of material for artistic purposes. The Complainant has a figurative trademark for “I LOVE ART GERSTAECKER G” since 2012. Although the Complainant alleged that they owned […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Law firm receives preview of UDRP response

The domain name was registered in 2000 by Mr. Roger Hale, a Senior Technologist and cybersecurity expert from Texas. It’s obvious that by registering and using the domain he’s also producing a prompt of “Go to Hale”—a tongue-in-cheek reference, perhaps, to “Go to hell.” Meanwhile, a law firm by the name of Hale Law […]

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StepsApp failed to usurp via the UDRP process

StepsApp GmbH is a German developer of a pedometer application or app named “StepsApp” and it operates from the domain Meanwhile,—the singular—is operated by a Russian entrepreneur developing a pedometer app that rewards its users with crypto. While the Complainant claimed that the Respondent simply rides on the coattails of their app’s fame, […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP ends with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding

The UDRP against the domain ended with the Complainant’s loss; the three member panel at the WIPO also found them guilty of engaging in Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. The Respondent replied to the Complainant’s allegations, stating that “Reza” is a popular name and surname in Saudi Arabia and that his surname, Alireza, is a […]

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