: UDRP ends up with a minority declaration of Reverse #Domain Name Hijacking

The domain sounds very generic and yet someone contested it via the UDRP process at the National Arbitration Forum. Peymon Mottahedeh filed the UDRP on the basis of having a fresh state trademark: Florida/October 16, 2020. Furthermore, the Complainant asserted they used the domain between 1997 – 2020 and let it drop. The Respondent […]

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The registrant of has reasons to be on top of a tall mountain; the UDRP that was filed against his aged domain failed to materialize its goal. In a case that was handled by IP attorney John Berryhill on behalf of the Respondent, the three member panel at the WIPO denied the domain’s transfer […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : Sold for $3.875k in March, the #domain faced a #UDRP ordeal, a 1997 domain registration that was auctioned off at NameJet in March, was hit with a UDRP at the WIPO. According to NameBio, was sold for $3,875 dollars. The domain was not a drop, but an expiration from the inventory of Network Solutions, a subsidiary of A company called Cheapstuff Inc., filed […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. causing a headache to #NameJet is causing a big headache to NameJet. The former asset of CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. dropped in early April, losing its original registration date of 1999. The NameJet auction that ensued ended up at $1,483 dollars according to NameBio. But then, the domain didn’t change hands for more than 30 days and the gaining […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : #WordPress developer keeps #domain and cancels usurper’s trademark

Indian developer, Sundar Rajan, faced threats about his domain,, by the registrant of the matching .net. The .com was registered in 2007, while the .net in 2009. The .net registrant wanted to buy Rajan’s domain at a price that wasn’t accepted. Rajan’s rejection of the offer was met with a threat to acquire the […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : #NameJet-auctioned #domain in “perpetual expiration?”

The domain name is an apparent double-auctioned domain at NameJet. According to John Berryhill who pointed out the process, the domain was auctioned on April 6 on NameJet, while in pending delete status: It was then kept in pending delete status by an affiliate registrar of NameJet – OwnRegistrar, Inc. Subsequently, a month later, […]

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The #domain has been recovered

The domain name has been recovered, and is no longer stolen. We received this notification from IP attorney, John Berryhill, who let us know of the domain’s updated status. is now in the possession of its legitimate owner, Mr. Michael Fischer. The previous registrant agreed to return the domain, stating that they bought […]

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#Rejuve .com : Another #UDRP victory for John Berryhill

The domain name was acquired by domain investor and entrepreneur, Merlin Kauffman, in 2019. Kauffman, founder of, formed a business entity offering services under this new brand and filed for a trademark. Another company, Rejuve Clinics LLC, filed a UDRP to get the domain, on the basis of an existing mark. The Respondent […]

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Name Administration Inc. won #UDRP against generic #domain

Frank Schilling’s Name Administration Inc. has won the UDRP filed against one of its generic domain names, The Complainant is Religare Health Insurance Company Limited, India and launched its first insurance product in June 2012, under the name “Care”. Attorney John Berryhill represented the Respondent, stating the following: The Respondent submits that the Complainant […]

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#Turkish company loses #UDRP for

A Turkish company filed a UDRP against the domain The domain was registered several years before the Complainant’s trademark registration. Pepee is a diminutive name for Jose, Joseph, or Giuseppe. The Complainant is Düş Yeri Bilişim Teknoloji ve Animasyon Anonim Şirketi, Turkey, and the Respondent was represented by IP attorney John Berryhill. A three […]

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#SumValley .com : John Berryhill defends Texas business with #domain UDRP

The business owner of Sum Valley LLC, a Texas corporation formed to deliver tax-related services, was probably surprised when Sinclair Finance Company claimed it infringes on their SUN VALLEY mark. The Respondent was represented by attorney John Berryhill, who pointed out that the domain is not a misspelling or a typo, but a real […]

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Reverse #Domain Name Hijacking finding in #ink123 .com UDRP

The Respondent in the UDRP case against the domain was avenged, after a three member panel at the WIPO delivered a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. Registered in 1999, the domain consists of a numerical prefix common with commercial designations indicating quality or speed. The “ink” part is a common dictionary word. […]

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