Here’s what not to do with your .AI domain names

If you own .AI domains, congratulations. The fastest-growing ccTLD with generic qualities per Google, is a magnet for domain investors and companies alike.

Some companies will thumb their noses at the matching .com, opting for the .ai domain even when the .com is made available!

That being said, there are a few things that you should not do with your .AI domain names. As the ccTLD of Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory, it has its own rules when it comes down to abuse.

As noted by investigative domain industry reporter, Kevin Murphy, alongside IP attorney, John Berryhill, using .ai domains to serve crypto exchanges is a no-no. Here are some other rules and regulations:

Grounds for suspending or revoking a domain
While we want lots of .ai domain sales as it raises significant money for The Government of Anguilla, we do not want any scammer domains tarnishing the reputation of Anguilla or “.ai”. If people know of scam sites in “.ai” domains please report them. The Government of Anguilla reserves the right to remove or suspend any domain. This is usually due to one of the following or similar scamish actions:

  1. Anything that would be illegal in Anguilla
  2. porn that would be illegal in Anguilla, like child porn, revenge porn, etc.
  3. violating copyrights
  4. Hate speech site. Any site just hating on some group.
  5. Phishing – for example pretending to be another site to get users to enter username and password
  6. Has logos or trademarks from a company when they are not affiliated with that company
  7. Dishonestly making false representations for financial gain
  8. any site promising to help people get rich quick for a fee
  9. anything looking like a pyramid scheme, ponzi, or multi-level-marketing site (mlm)
  10. Doing any of the following without an Anguilla license to be a bank, broker, public company, ICO, exchange, or gambling site
    1. Holding client deposits
    2. managing investments for clients
    3. offering guaranteed returns of any rate
    4. asking for investors
    5. offering trading or exchange services for stock, bond, crypto or other similar markets
    6. any kind of gambling
    7. any site for attacking other sites, like DDOS or other
  11. Any sites on a list of scam sites will be suspended.
  12. Sites reported by reputable domain monitoring agencies
  13. if owner of the site has done any of the above with previous domains (even non .ai domains) we can disable a current domain
  14. If a site says something like “trusted by” or “in partnership with” and has trademarked logos for other companies and one of those companies says this is not true, the whole site comes down.

If we decide that a site has violated any of the above the domain will be suspended. Even if the registrant promises to modify the content we will not enable the domain.

This list of rules appears to have been updated on the Anguilla Registry web site,, on December 15th, right on time for Christmas. 🙂

It’s obvious that as a ccTLD, dot .AI is a projection of the ruling country’s code of law and ethics; with that in mind, domain investors and end-users might want to tread carefully, as the Libyan .ly example could attest.

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7 Responses to “Here’s what not to do with your .AI domain names”
  1. BullS says:

    the real definition of AI is actually Artificial Idiots
    are you one of them??and a member of the family.

  2. Kevin Murphy says:

    As noted by John Berryhill? Cheers.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Kevin – You can blame the Twitter/X algo for the lack of exposure of your post. Fixed!

  4. Kevin Murphy says:

    Could use a couple more superlatives and a bit more obsequiousness, but that’ll do. 😉

  5. DomainGang says:

    Kevin – Do you own any .ai domains?

  6. Kevin Murphy says:

    No. As you know, I’m not a domainer.

  7. Keral Patel says:

    I am old enough to remember when people were shilling .mobi domains because smartphones were recently introduced in the market.

    Soon .ai will have the same fate.

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