On.ly: Record-breaking million dollar sale cut short by political concerns

The super short domain name On.ly forms what is known as a “domain hack” – the formation of a keyword from the two parts on the left and on the right of the dot.

On.ly was sent to Escrow.com, ready to be sold for a cool $1,000,000 dollars. The buyer was Leo Radvinsky, owner of the adult platform, Only Fans.

On.ly – A short domain hack opportunity

It’d make sense for Only Fans to operate from On.ly and the million dollar purchase price was negotiated for a month and a half. Its registrant, Thomas Weinstein, explained why that deal fell through, costing $8,000 dollars in Escrow.com fees to the buyer who canceled the deal:

First, it was: “Unfortunately I am unable to transfer this .ly domain to my account at Godaddy or any other standard registrar.

Then it was: We are unable to create an account with the Libyan registrar for .ly domains due to sanctions and other concerns.

The seller did not communicate to us that working with Libya would be necessary to facilitate this transaction.”

Then it was: Unfortunately, we have to cancel due to our compliance requirements and not dealing with Libya.

Last, from Imran at Escrow .com: The Buyer had been in contact and advised he does not feel comfortable owning a .ly domain due to the instability in the country.

According to Mr. Weinstein, the Libyan domain registry has terms and conditions for using “.ly” domains.

Basically, the terms say you cannot use the domains for pornography, gambling, or hate-speech-related content. Following that incident, Mr. Weinstein wrote a report that explains the rules and the history of “.ly” domains, just in case he runs into this question with future partners/investors/buyers.

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2 Responses to “On.ly: Record-breaking million dollar sale cut short by political concerns”
  1. BullS says:

    Dodh…. just stick with dot com and you can sleep better
    again dot com is King 👑

    what don’t you understand!!!

    a free friendly advice from BullS aka BullShitwebsites com

  2. Richard says:

    I think it is highly likely that it was a closer look at the terms of registration that scared the buyer away, as opposed to an aversion (on their part) toward the country of Libya. Muslim countries, such as Libya, won’t allow porn or any other kind of content to be hosted that they deem to be societally unsuitable. Of course, this should be seen as a benefit and not a restriction!

    Would the Libyan registry, however, allow OF to host a non-porn version of their site on an LY domain, or would they simply disallow them by association? For me, that is the real question here, and where the greatest opportunity may lie ahead for this domain…

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