Nasim Jahibid : Cash-only Iranian #domain investor behind “njhighbid” alias on #NameJet

The truth is out there: Super-active domain investor, Nasim Jahibid, is the mysterious “njhighbid” alias on NameJet.

The Iranian domain investor enters domain auctions only once they reach six figures, according to a statement made by the Iranian Domain Name Association (IDNA) in Tehran.

Nasim Jahibid submits payments in cash only, mailing Samsonite suitcases filled with money to the NameJet offices.

Nasim Jahibid – njhighbid on NameJet auctions.

Because they have to clear US customs, domains in auctions won by Nasim Jahibid (njhighbid) take a while to have their WHOIS information changed.

“We’re happy with the consistency of the winnings, this guy is prolific,” said NameJet General Manager, Jonathan Tenenbaum.

“Here at the office, we have four machines counting cash once the shipment arrives. It’s how he decides to do business, and cash is legal tender, as you know,” added Tenenbaum, pushing more crispy dollar bills into one of the money-counting machines.

Claims that njhighbid is a money laundering scheme operated by the New Jersey mob, are quite far from the truth, and that’s a great relief for suspicious domain investors who watch NameJet auctions, but never bid more than $69 dollars.

The Iranian domain investor recently spent $550,000 dollars to win a low-profile NameJet auction, according to Elliot’s Blog.

That payment fit nicely in a single Samsonite briefcase – just watch the video below.

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