North Korea to list its 28 domains on NameJet


All 28 .KP domains to be auctioned.

A technical fiasco unveiled all 28 domains currently registered in the .KP ccTLD, and North Korea is taking drastic measures to address the embarrassing leak.

“He who betray honor of supreme leader, Kim Jong-un and spirit of blessed Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, will die painful death,” said Kim Zing-pong, Internet propaganda minister for the North Korean government.

“For show our domain in .KP we must now give extreme price if world want. So auction and no sanction by United State, the satan nation, immediately online!” exclaimed Kim Zing-pong.

North Korea now plans to sell all 28 .KP domains on NameJet, with a reserve price of $28 billion dollars.

The exuberant reserve price was agreed upon, after North Korea threatened to nuke the NameJet offices in Seattle.

“Naturally, we will do whatever it takes to keep those trigger-happy loons under control,” said NameJet general manager, Jonathan Tenenbaum, adding: “I’ve purchased some gas masks and duct tape, just to be on the safe side, but please bid and bid generously!”

Unless all 28 .KP domains reach the reserve, there is a strong chance that Kim Jong-un will order a nuclear assault against the offices of the popular domain auction venue.

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The list of the 28 .KP domains to be auctioned follows:

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