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John Berryhill : BusinessFunding .com was auctioned despite being unexpired

IP attorney, John Berryhill, shared information on BusinessFunding.com, a 20 year old domain that was listed for sale in a NameJet auction.

The domain wasn’t expired, and according to Berryhill, its registrant, Domain Capital, had renewed it until 2020.

Data from DomainTools supports this, indicating that despite its renewed status, the domain was moved into the hands of New Ventures Services on February 11th.

New Ventures Services Corp.

The latter is the domain warehousing sidekick of Network Solutions.

Both NameJet and Network Solutions are owned by Web.com.

The domain was removed from NameJet’s list of domains in auction today.

John Berryhill concluded about the incident, tweeting:

“Absent any sort of an explanation from Netsol, then you may safely assume that it is a glitch to which any name registered at Netsol may be subject.”

See the full exchange here.

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