3 domain investing tools I would not use in the morning (or ever)

No matter my location or daily agenda, I always make sure I skip certain time-wasting domain investing tools in the morning.

It’s a fact of life: The more time you spend on the computer, the faster time flies and soon enough it’s 5:00pm. Why waste the day away?

Here are 3 domain investing tools I never use in the morning and which I try to avoid using altogether:

  • GoDaddy Value Calculator: This time-waster is a classic example of a tool gone wrong. Not only it doesn’t give accurate valuations in the $100 – $25,000 range, it also declines to guess the value of domains above that upper range. Why bother then, GoDaddy?
  • NameJet auctions: The once great platform has become a clone of its sister company, SnapNames. There is no reason to use it when SnapNames maintains a complete history of your bids. Try getting 15 year old records from NameJet, you’ll need a customer representative to query the archived database and email you a spreadsheet.
  • Network Solutions: Since registering my first domain in early 1997 with Network Solutions, I’ve learned my lesson. Even when domains end up there via SnapNames auctions, there’s no real reason to keep domains at NetSol and pay overly inflated prices. Plus it’s a pain to get your domains out.

And this concludes our educational series about Domain Investing in the morning with a cup of coffee, or a beer if that’s your thing.

This article was inspired by Elliot.

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