Network Solutions: We’re here 24/7

Network Solutions, the oldest domain registrar in the world, is going 24/7 on help issues.

Last month, severe weather in the Philippines caused NetSol to tweet about this particular “act of god” that caused its tech support hubs to lag behind.

A recent email notes the following, in part:

We understand you’re busy and may need to reach us outside of business hours, which is why we’re excited to offer 24/7 online support via our Help Center.

With this update, you can chat with live experts and find quick solutions when it’s most convenient for you or access our extensive knowledge library to find the answers to commonly asked questions or step by step instructions for product setup and management.

So is the support service active 24/7?

From the looks of it, the NetSol help center that includes self-help articles is open, along with the NetSol online chat. We’re not sure if NetSol phone support is going to be available 24/7 though, so perhaps they need to clarify this to their customer base.

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