Did Network Solutions run a million bot traffic on this single #domain video?

Popular domain videos are rare, and Network Solutions just so happens to have released one of these.

The original domain registrar still holds onto a sizable inventory of aged domains, as a daughter company of Web.com.

But let’s be honest, their pricing isn’t that great, and competition is fierce, with GoDaddy running supreme, and other registrars being popular too.

Even GoDaddy doesn’t have a domain video with almost 1.4 million views!

That’s right, almost one and a half million views for a 25 second video released on February 27, 2020. That’s less than a freaking week ago!

How is this possible?

We have absolutely no idea, could it be that bot traffic reached that YouTube destination – a Network Solutions video that cannot be embedded?

Here’s the video, click on the image below to view it:

Network Solutions video has 1.4 million views

Kudos: Jared D.

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