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Homograph IDN domain phishing attack steals Ethereum tokens

A phishing attack targeting users of MyEtherWallet.com used an IDN “homograph” domain to facilitate an Ethereum theft. The IDN domain used a letter “t” that belongs to a different character set, which is visually identical to the Latin character, except for a distinguishing line or dot underneath it. Registered just a few days ago, the […]

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Domain crime : Chase Bank was targeted with phishing domain updateaccountonline.com

Last week we revealed how the account structure of Wells Fargo was used by cybercriminals who registered a similar domain. Now it’s the time of Chase Bank; cybercriminals registered the domain updateaccountonline.com and are using it in phishing emails. Falsifying the email so as to appear to arrive from Chase Bank, the registrant of the […]

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