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Domain crime : Chase Bank was targeted with phishing domain updateaccountonline.com

Last week we revealed how the account structure of Wells Fargo was used by cybercriminals who registered a similar domain. Now it’s the time of Chase Bank; cybercriminals registered the domain updateaccountonline.com and are using it in phishing emails. Falsifying the email so as to appear to arrive from Chase Bank, the registrant of the […]

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Domain crime : 1371.com is a stolen domain name

The domain name 1371.com has been declared as stolen by its legitimate owner, who lost control over it sometime in August. Since then, 1371.com was moved away from GoDaddy and is currently at Name.com. Many domain owners who do not actively keep track of their domain assets, become aware of a domain theft incident when […]

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Hacking update : All is well with Ali Zandi’s domains

A persistent hacker gained access to domain power-seller Ali Zandi’s accounts, attempting to sell his premium domains. Far from being simply annoying, the criminal acts of the individual(s) involved caused monetary loss, and generated frustration, stress and plenty of wasted time. After more than 24 hours, Zandi reported that he has regained full control of […]

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