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SEO or malice? #Grin-Tech .org #domain sold for $2,651 dollars

For the past two years, the domain Grin-Tech.org has been the main domain of cryptocurrency, Grin Coin. Unfortunately, someone at the community dropped the proverbial ball and did not pay for the domain’s renewal. Despite attempts by other members to reclaim the domain past expiration, its registrar was not helpful and the domain dropped. The […]

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Grin-Tech.org : Crappy #grin domain selling for four figures at #DropCatch

Grin-Tech.org is a really crappy domain: a two word, dash separated .org that makes no sense. “Grin tech?” What type of company uses that? The domain is now being auctioned at DropCatch, and there is lots of interest going on. Already at $1,200 dollars with 51 bids from 19 bidders, it seems that it will […]

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