Hacking update : All is well with Ali Zandi’s domains

Domain broker, Ali Zandi.

Domain broker, Ali Zandi.

A persistent hacker gained access to domain power-seller Ali Zandi’s accounts, attempting to sell his premium domains.

Far from being simply annoying, the criminal acts of the individual(s) involved caused monetary loss, and generated frustration, stress and plenty of wasted time.

After more than 24 hours, Zandi reported that he has regained full control of his domain names, eliminating in the process the malware that caused this infiltration.

“With the impeccable help of the Flippa Team, GoDaddy Team, Perception Team and the amazing amount of selfless hours that were put in by everyone, including NP’s very own Paul Buonopane, we have gained control of 100% of our domain names and almost all of our other social media accounts.”

Zandi has reported the incident to the authorities and hopefully this will lead to the identification, arrest and pressing of charges against the cybercriminal.

To protect your domain names, always enable two-factor authentication, utilizing strong passwords that you don’t share between accounts.

Never download files from links arriving in questionable emails, keep an active antivirus and if the unthinkable happens, let us know!

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