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Domain crime : 1371.com is a stolen domain name

The domain name 1371.com has been declared as stolen by its legitimate owner, who lost control over it sometime in August. Since then, 1371.com was moved away from GoDaddy and is currently at Name.com. Many domain owners who do not actively keep track of their domain assets, become aware of a domain theft incident when […]

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Poll: Are you using Two-Factor Authentication at your domain registrar?

These days, the use of two-factor authentication – also known as “two step verification” – to access one’s domain registrar account, is a must. Considered one of several methods to lessen potential loss of domains to a cybercriminal, two-factor authentication is utilized currently by several domain registrars. Here are some: GoDaddy offers the ability to […]

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EuroDNS adds two-step verification to its domain registrant accounts

Domain registrar, EuroDNS, has announced the immediate availability of a two-step verification layer to its customer accounts. Such security methods help minimize the odds of having domain names hijacked from your account; even if the thief gained access to your username and password. “Two-step verification (TSV), also known as two-factor authentication (TFA), adds a new […]

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