Domain theft saga the result of lack of two-factor authentication at Dotster

A couple of days ago, we received the following message from a distraught professional, who is not a domain investor: “I wish I didn’t have to contact you but my domain has been stolen. Details per your reporting page: Granting the right to use: Yes you are granted the right to use.   Theft timeline: […]

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NameCheap : Bugging domainers until two factor authentication is added!

One’s choice of domain registrar is quite personal. We rarely use NameCheap, as we consolidate our domains elsewhere. Still, NameCheap offers good value for domain investors and it provides an easy to manage domain platform. NameCheap also offers discount coupons and deals quite often, via Twitter. Having recently logged in to our NameCheap account, we […]

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Hacker steals @LAU Twitter account, attempts to sell it

Richard Lau’s Twitter account got compromised a few days ago, by a hacker who attempted to sell it. The premium, ultra-short @LAU account was obtained by Richard Lau in May, to be used for his family. A hacker managed to gain access to the Twitter account, reset the password, and changed the email address it […]

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GoDaddy on passwords : John, don’t be sad …

Apparently, today’s not only Cinco de Mayo, it’s also World Password Day. GoDaddy wants to remind us to change our passwords more often, and make them stronger so that cybercriminals won’t mess with our domains. With that in mind, an email from GoDaddy features “John,” who is sad, because his password is short and apparently […]

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Domain crime : is a stolen domain name

In this time and day, you’d better lock up your domain accounts and enable two-factor authentication. The owner of the domain has reported it to us as stolen. was unlawfully removed from his GoDaddy account in February, most likely by means of a phishing email attack. The current registrant is presumed to be […]

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Domain crime : Valuable numeric and LLLL .com domains stolen from GoDaddy account

When a certain genre of domains increases in value, cybercriminals target it. With short domains – letters or numbers – becoming valuable for buyers in China, it’s not surprising that more domain thefts are reported daily. The owner of a cache of domains at GoDaddy recently discovered that the following domain names were stolen from […]

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Domain crime : More LLLL .com domains have been stolen

Several four letter .com domains were reported as stolen by their owner; the LLLL .com domains were moved to a separate account at GoDaddy. The theft occurred on November 15th, and it involved the following domain names: DYYE.COM LIEA.COM WDRA.COM MRRR.COM MFFF.COM In addition to these, B6F.COM and B4Y.COM were also stolen. Short domains are […]

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Stolen domains update : has been recovered

The three letter .com domain,, that was reported stolen early in October, has now been recovered. is now in the possession of its legitimate owner, according to an update we received. Dynadot and GoDaddy, the gaining and losing registrars respectively, coordinated the recovery effort for this LLL .com. Many thanks to Joe Styler […]

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Cache of 25 LLLL .com domains stolen from a GoDaddy account

It’s time to emphasize, once again, one important action for domain investors: Enabling two factor authentication when your domain registrar allows it, can save your domains. In the case of a newly disclosed domain theft, 25 four letter (LLLL) .com domains were stolen from a GoDaddy account. Their owner utilized two factor authentication for a […]

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GoDaddy : Still haven’t enabled two-factor authentication?

With GoDaddy now offering two-factor authentication worldwide, there is no excuse not to enable it. Domains can be stolen using the usual phishing technique, or via social engineering. Just in case you need additional motivation, here’s some food for thought. Yesterday, a domain investor lost control of three valuable dictionary domains –, and […]

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If you’ve been following our coverage of the change to take place at, you’ve probably tweaked your account settings already. For those domain investors with accounts that have a short memory span (hello Jared Ewy!) allow us to reboot your brain: is changing its Two-Step Verification service on March 5, 2015. On […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. drops Verisign VIP Access for Google Authenticator announced that it’s switching its two-factor authentication system, from that of Verisign VIP Access, to the Google Authenticator app. The change is effective on March 5th. According to the email notifying customers of this change: is changing its Two-Step Verification service on March 5, 2015. On that date Verisign credentials will be […]

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