: Stunted domain #WHOIS output is great alternative to complete privacy

If you register a domain name today at most domain registrars, expect to get some phone calls in 24 hours from now. Some calls? A LOT OF CALLS. The zone file skimmers track new domain registrations daily, query the domain names and extract the phone numbers from the WHOIS. Then, they start calling you. And […]

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Name .com celebrates new API launch with a grandiose #pizza party tomorrow, the best domain registrar in Denver, Colorado, has rolled out its new API version, 4.0. It’s ideal for managing domains, DNS records, email forwarding, and more. wants you to use it and easily integrate its backend system with your own website, be it for domain reseller purposes or just added convenience. And that’s […]

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Huge changes at after Rightside merger with Donuts

The finalization of the Rightside – Donuts Inc. acquisition deal is now complete, and, will soon face huge changes. Gone are the days where Taco Friday runs would take uber guy, Jared Ewy, to the edge of his wits: “Man, I’m gonna miss this type of activity at lunch time. We were free, […]

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Five myths and facts about the new gTLDs

Assumptions related to the new gTLDs can cost domain investors and entrepreneurs money. Rightside’s division put together a list of five myths about the new gTLDs, and their matching facts, to help dispel such misconceptions. Myth: Nobody knows that new domains exist Fact: End users are adopting and using new domains as primary website […]

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Jared Ewy of Name .com : Hilarious spoof of the BBC interview

The video of a security expert whose kids walked in during his BBC interview, went viral last week. Jared Ewy, comedian extraordinaire and occasional executive, created a spoof version of that video. What can we say; it’s a great demonstration of Jared’s comedic talent, and although it was suggested by us, Jared utilized his […]

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Taco Friday fails as order of 4 dozen gets “a-hole” response at Torchy’s

A bunch of employees were looking forward to a fun Friday with plenty of tacos to go. So they ordered four dozen tacos from Torchy’s in Denver, Colorado – that’s 48 tacos for those of you that failed to do your multiplication tables in grade school. That was for 18 guys and gals over […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. breaks the Internet with dangerous Lady Gaga stunt! broke the Internet earlier today; a video featuring Jared Ewy as “Lady Gaga” went viral. Inspired by the Super Bowl (aka “Big Game”) performance of Lady Gaga, Jared sported a tinfoil dress, a blonde wig, and rather excessive makeup. After taking a leap of faith with no supportive bungee cords, the comedian emerged […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : Jared Ewy loses bet, eats a mushroom sandwich!

We all have fears, and Jared Ewy’s worst nightmare is a mushroom sandwich. The executive lost a bet, and was forced to publicly eat a sandwich stuffed with mushrooms. Thanks to an apparent childhood trauma, Jared’s usual confidence is shattered in the video released by; it was originally broadcasted on Facebook. In his […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : How to opt out of the upcoming 60-day domain lock down imposed by ICANN

A new ICANN policy affecting WHOIS changes is causing problems when domain owners update their own information. According to the new policy, a WHOIS change, e.g. to the registrant or the email address, is handled as a domain transfer would. For example, an email is sent out to the old and new contacts to authorize […]

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Domains exposed : Dot .Games and dot .Live rock TwitchCon 2016

RightSide rolled out dot .Games 10 days ago, and the results are rather awesome. Currently, almost 6000 .Games domains have been registered. Not content with pitching the .Games gTLD to domain investors, its sister company,, took a trip south to California, where TwitchCon 2016 is taking place. From September 30 to October 2, hordes […]

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Handsome Teddy : employee takes over the company

It’s a case of inverse “Office Space” : A very capable employee, who just so happens to be handsome, makes the “old timers” feel nervous. The gang over at has created yet another fun video, introducing “Handsome Teddy,” their new employee. While the veteran employees gossip about Handsome Teddy’s supposed superficiality, they are about […]

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Domain balls : Get well soon, Jared!

Jared Ewy, comedian extraordinaire and accidental floor manager at, had surgery recently. The quick procedure involved a tiny operation to take care of a massive problem. Apparently, Jared’s decision to have his “guys” snipped at tube level, was the culmination of excessive procreation. In other words, no more babies for Jared and his wife, […]

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